Friday, February 27, 2009


4 events have recently occurred that may be a psychic indicator of near future events of the military kind.

1st off, Persia has proven she can hurl satellites into orbit. This is significant as Iran becomes only the 10th nation in the history of the world to achieve orbital status. Mullahopolis also plans to fire up more orbital platforms - giving her a networking network and a start in potentially weaponizing space.

Then, IAEA pillowtalked that it had low balled Iran's portfolio of nuclear materials by like 33% which could mean Tehran has like 700 kilogram of the most unsexy U235 - essential isotopes for nuclear chicanery of the explosive type.

3rd - Persia has increased her enrichment shenanigans with 6K centrifuges unsweetly spinning right along for almost a year now. And another 50K on the way total.

And Little Satan's parlimentary procedures has propelled that fiesty BiBi Netanyahu (j'ever notice he looks a lot like Gene Simmons of KISS?) into the Prime Minister's hot seat.

So far, Little Satan's "countermeasures to date have included a massive international covert program of equipment sabotage, assassination of key nuclear personnel and a vibrant diplomatic offensive. "

Yet this is only been - well - stalling tactics - not a gamechanger.

Vladland's Atomstroiexport company has been a real help to the mullahs - providing gear, tech and brains for the brand new Bushehr reactor.

Since Russia licked Georgia's peach plumb clean last summer, Vladland has flirted with brazen hussy speak about stocking Iran with the dreaded S 300 the magical future Air Defense System which can track scores of airborne intruders simultaneously, whether low-level drones or high-altitude missiles, and shoot them down.

S 300 will be the center piece of Iranian Air Defenses - though not for several months - creating a tiny window for Little Satan to creep in and wield her wicki smack of OhSnap! proportions.

Russia recently realized all this and announced a slow down of sales and installations of S 300.

Another stalling tactic that changes little.

Iran of course threatens to shut down the Hormuz Straights, annihilate Gulf States, possibly destroy nearly 65% of Saudi oil facilities, attack Little Satan and launch anti surge into Iraq as well as most likely unleashing HAMAS and the most proficient killers and serial tormentors of Americans up til 911 time with their very own foreign fed and funded rocket rich rejectionists in Hiz'B'Allah.

A regime killing regime change looks better all the time.

Pic - "10th grade catfight"


Skunkfeathers said...

I will enjoy watching Little Satan take Persia down a few centuries ;)

Khaki Elephant said...

The amazing thing is that this isn't front page news on every newspaper in the country. I pray the MSM pulls its collective head from Obama's nether region long enough to take a breath and smell the danger.