Monday, February 9, 2009

It Still Exists

Occasionally routine, GsGf gets killer tips, intell and analysis from cats around the globe. One especially source that helped out mapping and visualizing Little Satan's recent Strip Blitz - all the way down to brigade level - succumbed to seduction and sent commentary for publication.

Without further ado check out code named "Issachar" submission.

" It still exists. It just looks different now.

While considering the title of the current article, I understood the danger of putting it this way. Many blame Jews today for "using" Holocaust to "promote" their causes, like the Zionist state. Others say the Jews label anyone whom they do not agree with as an Anti-Semite - which, I believe - is not true in most cases. Still, the feeling of hatred towards the Jews today - especially in modern Europe - is like a rock on my shoulders. Yes, not only does the Anti-Semitism still exists today, but there are two types of it today.

The first type is heavily practiced in Muslim countries and in Eastern Europe. In some parts of Russia, "Protocols of Elders of Zion" are still being published - and it's still easily possible to hear the historic "beat [as in physically] the Jews, save Russia" on the streets. The Anti-Semitism of Western Europe is different, though. It's not based on a person being just Jewish. European Anti-Semites don't mind the Jews who hate the Zionist cause and/or who support the Palestinian "freedom fighters".

They do viciously attack the Jews who dare to support the state of Israel and the Zionist cause. I believe many would criticize me for labeling the "critics of Israel" as Anti-Semites. "We are simply asking questions", they would say. You can find those people everywhere: in the United Nations and its different committees, in the European Union, in press and among regular people on the streets of Paris or Madrid. "We stand for human rights", they say. One can easily single out a person who loves to deal with issues related to Israeli-Palestinian conflict; a person who has shown himself as a vigorous critic of Israel, still being far from genocidal bashing of Israel by Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and his friends.
He is coming from Korea; his name is Ban Ki-Moon. Mr. Moon has been critical of Israel since the beginning of his office term; during conflicts - like the one between Israel and the Hamas - he called on "both" sides to stop the violence, immediately adding Israel should open the crossings into Gaza and allow more freedom to Palestinians.

Mr. Moon is not critical of Hamas operating tightly within civilian population, of Hamas stealing UNRWA supplies, or Hamas using TV propaganda and children's shows to brainwash Palestinian children into fighting and suicide bombing. Mr. Moon is apparently unfamiliar with Hamas being a genocidal terrorist front. Moon barely even mentions the Darfur genocide, where over 400,000 people have been murdered and over 2.5 million were driven from their homes. Mr. Moon doesn't care much about the Sri Lankan conflict (over 70,000 murdered since 1983) or the most recent conflict between Russian and Georgia (between 600 and 1,500 murdered).

Mr. Moon is most interested in Gazan conflict, where allegedly over 1,200 were murdered; where, in many cases, it's impossible to determine whether the person killed is actually a civilian or a terrorist wearing civilian clothing - tactic used by many Palestinian terrorists and in direct violation of Geneva conventions. However, neither the UN, nor the "human rights groups" criticize Hamas for violating international law - only Israel can be blamed for that. That is the new type of Anti-Semitism. It is not directed against all the Jews - just against most of the world's Jewry.

The conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbors stays in the headlines for decades now. Israel and its population is being confronted by its critics holding much "evidence" of Israel's brutality - the Deir Yassin massacre , execution of POW's after 1967 war, Jenin massacre, massacre, massacre, massacre... Those critics never mention the Ma'alot massacre (1974, Palestinians attack school in Israel's North, 22 students, aged 14-16, murdered), the Avivim school bus attack (1970, Palestinian terrorists attack Israeli school bus, 12 murdered, 9 of them children), the 1929 Hebron massacre (1929, Palestinian Arabs start a pogrom against the Jews, 67 Jews murdered) and the attacks against civilians in wars against Israel (the 1948 war, for example, caused 2,400 Israeli deaths).

Some may say I am over-reacting. This is not Anti-Semitism, this is just "opposition to Israel and its terrorist policies". Don't be fooled. Jews will always stay Jews. And they - the UN, the Human Rights Watch, Reuters, Iran - will not stop until the only real home for the Jews is destroyed."

submitted by "Code Name Issachar"

Pic "Zero Tolerance for Intolerance"


Anonymous said...

You are 100% correct in your assertion that anti-Zionist are usually anti-Semites.

It's not politically correct hate Jews, but the world has given the green flag to Israel hatred.

At the end of the day, the same people who hate Israel hate Jews as well (and often that means they are self-hating Jews unfortunately).

Anonymous said...

In all times and in all places peoples have hated Jews, because Jews hate the rest of mankind. The biblical patriarchs where deceitful genocidal swindlers, and the Jewish people today are just maintaining a family tradition.

courtneyme109 said...

cursed - you left out the bit about jewes craving the sweet sweet blood of Palestinian chirrun for that especial flavor in their hamburgers.

Anonymous said...

The biblical patriarchs were a nasty lot. Abraham married his sister told her to lie, so he could pimp her out. Jacob cheated his brother, lied to his father, and swindled his step father. These are the atributes of Judaism that tick people off. Jews never made good neighbors and Jewish leaders from the time of Ezra implemented laws designed to make Jews hateful and hated. This blood libel charge you bring up is a red herring, designed to highlight rediculous alegations, in order to both create sympathy, and throw the hounds off the scent of a generational conspiracy.

Unknown said...

cursed, this is ridiculous. Thousands of years ago people acted differently, we can't change that. Are we supposed to hate the Scandinavians today, because the Vikings looted many towns, killed thousands of people?

I don't know where you take the "Jews were never good neighbors", because in modern history, Jews brought prosperity to every country they lived in.

By the by, the Christians, for example, might not have such "trickery" stories in the Bible, but only one example - the Inquisition - is worth much more than a thousand words (that is, Jacob might have cheated his father and brother, but the Inquisition murdered thousands just to turn people into this religion that's based on Jewish book). How about the Muslims? They don't hide their hatred to everyone - they write plain and simple in the Quran that you should murder all infidels and the only peace you can have with them is until you're strong enough to murder them. How about the Buddhists, by the way? They're seen as very peaceful people, but prior - and even during - the 20th century, that had no problem murdering thousands of themselves and others.

And strangely enough, of all this bunch, you only single out the Jews... Hmm...

Anonymous said...


This post explores the concept that “ Many blame Jews today for "using" Holocaust to "promote" their causes, like the Zionist state”. This is why I aim my cudgel at Judaism as opposed to other religions.

The Holocaust has been used to bludgeon European civilization to the point that one is led to believe that Europeans are inherently evil with Germans being particularly so. Even yet to be born Germans share this guilt. While it is true that many Germans well deserve opprobrium for the massive suffering which they inflicted on the world, I believe that the Holocaust must be seen in its proper context.

Not all Germans are guilty and not all Jews are innocent. If one accepts Koestler’s argument that the Khazars became Judacized 1300 years ago one can began to understand the antagonism between European and Jew. The Khazar’s economy was based on extorting agricultural communities on fear of death.

After the Khazar empire fell the Polish Empire arose. A system of arrendas ensued for centuries. Polish nobility farmed out their dirty work in the Ukraine to the highest bidding bailiff, who leased agricultural communities as well as other revenue generating opportunities for a three year period. The Polish nobles squeezed the bailiffs and the bailiffs squeezed their peasents. Bailiffs and Jews became synonymous. In the mid 16th century the Cossacks revolted and inspired the Ukrainians to follow, resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of Jews and Poles alike.

When the Bolsheviks took control of Russia after WW1 the bloodletting that followed was without historical parallel. The consensus from all sides is that Jews formed the majority of the Bolshevik leadership. Trotsky led his army towards Germany but was stopped by the Poles at the Vistula river. During the late 20’s and early 30’s the Jewish led NKVD implemented the Holodomor. Ten million Ukrainians died from an artificial famine and executions. All this terrified the Germans and they supported Hitler, because he demonstrated a willingness to protect them.

History is not so simple as Germans are bad and Jews are innocent. Both groups have blood on their hands, and because none are innocent, then none are guilty, so my long winded answer is yes I think that the Holocaust has been over used.

courtneyme109 said...

cursed - personal beliefs about overusage of horrific genocide on an industrial scale may allow some to embrace anti semitism - though it "It still exists" actually makes the case that anti Little Satanism is a weak cover for anti semitism.

In other words, many who are intolerant - and thats exactly the deal here about Little Satan.

Intolerance - some can't seem to accept the fact that tiny tiny Little Satan 'occupies' less than 1 percent of the Arab World and less than a 10th of a % of Mohammedist turf - and that includes after the show ho's like West Bank, Har Dov Farms and Golan Heights.

From a purely secular view most informed free world cats are secrectly and at times not so secrectly flat out tickled out loud that a tiny tiny minority pop on a tiny tiny sliver of land drives certain elements absolutely batty.

Unfree, unfun and some nigh unhinged elements that are scared of girls, frightened of free choice or a happening lit rate. Creepy places with illegit regimes, unelected leaders for life, secret police, religious police and no uncensored media are upset about Little Satan?


After all, being anti Little Satan is like dissing a mirror image of Great Satan. Little Satan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand were nations of immigrants and the 1st modern democrazies. Just like Great Satan

Equally amusing and a source of constant laughs, satisfaction aand pleasure is the fact that the same cats who dreamed up Little Satan also dreamed up Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudiland, parts of Egypt and a reduced Syria. At the same time.

Tough to say Little Satan is a fakebelieve nation state of under 7 million ppl when the entire hood of over 200 million would be equally illegit.

Unknown said...


I never said all Europeans were bad and all Jews are good. I agree w/ the fact there are bad apples on both sides - as well as good ones. Trust me, I especially scrutinize the bad apples among the Jews and the Israelis.

Also, my post does not "explore" the Europeans blaming Jews for using Holocaust - if anything, I just brought it as an example. The fact is, that many among the world, constantly blame Israel for anything between "war crimes" to making matzos from the blood of Palestinian children, while directing no scrutiny towards the Hamas (only in the past several *days*, organizations such as HRW, Amnesty and the UN have "discovered" that Hamas actually uses human shields and murders innocent civilians - something they've been doing for years).

I do not mind criticism directed towards Israel. However, when during IDF's operation IDF is being criticized for using force - the Hamas was never criticized for mining and boobytrapping schools and civilian homes.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I didn’t get the boot. I’m impressed. Incidentally for the record. I don’t want anything bad to happen to Jews anywhere, and more importantly I believe Solzhenitsyn was correct when he wrote "The disappearance of nations would impoverish us no less than if all peoples were made like, with one character, one face. Nations are the wealth of mankind, they are its generalized personalities: the smallest of them has its own particular colors, and embodies a particular facet of God’s design”. Surely within Gods design there must be a place for Jews to live as an independent peoples, and by virtue of Jewish tenacity, audacity, and genius you have Israel. My only wish is that you ease the path for your lesser brethren.