Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Deja Vu

News that those ever magical no go zones in western Land of the Pure are about to cut yet another deal with the Paki Gov seems like a case of deja vu.

Mainly because it is.

Swat Valley - or perhaps a more accurate descrip could be nom d' guerred 'Talibanistan' - is the hood for the always off/always on again seemingly eternal battle for a pitiful failed state which has nuclear weaponry, an unimpressive lite rate of less than 50% and a penchant for violent intolerance that cannot impose the writ of state on rowdy hillbillies.

"If this is the making of a new set of laws where was – or is – parliament? The 'deal' has to be signed off by the president for it to become effective; and he is said to have refused to sign it until peace is restored – which is all very well but leaves us in much the same position as we were before the deal was done."

"Once all the posturing and bombast is stripped away we are left with nothing of real substance, and the circular dance of death and destruction will continue. The government will not implement the deal until peace is restored, and the militants will not restore peace until the government accedes to their demands."

As time traveling, girl fearing creeps, jerks and their sychophantic sympathizers stage massive rallies two points bear consideration:

1st - Great Satan's drones can carry more than missiles - they also tote cameras with real time capability.

2nd - Great Satan's shout out about deploying 17K combat troops - ahead of the Holbrooke report and the Petraeus report signify that the Afghan Surge may soon become known as Pakistan's magical no go zones Surge.

Art - "The Ummah"


Debbie said...

Patraeus says that Iran is assisting the Taliban in Afghanistan. Of course we knew this, but hearing him say it to the media gives it more weight.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Khaki Elephant said...

Ah, but will the media listen, Debbie? Or will they care?