Thursday, September 3, 2009

"I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)"

Way back -- before the new millennium, glam, heroin chic, goth and metal collided with one of the scariest, freakiest acts to debauche the performance stage.
Marilyn Manson (Unhallowed Be Thy Name) unleashed their Bowie esque tribute CD "Mechanical Animals" that featured a delightful little ditty (Not!) called "I Dont Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me).
Describing a destructive hedonistic epicurean death style about dope, sex and no higher purpose in life than the next buzz, it features an interesting line that could be used against Great Satan's enemies.
"Taught to be stupid -- taught to be nothing at all..."
Fast forward to after 911. Like today.
If leaky leaks are correct that General McChrystal's soon to unleashed reportage about a new, improved AFPAK strat, focuses on Taleban's cash crop -- the dreaded poppy -- the zombie maker of youth worldwide.
This is significant.
Instead of outright annihilation of poppy fields, refinement and distribution centers, perhaps these items could be added to Great Satan's arsenal of strategic resources.
Why not? Oil weaponry has been around a while. Commonwealth is not above using energy as a weapon against Europa.
If total control -- or near total control is gained of Afghanistan's poppy fields -- not only would it starve Taleban (and al qaeda) cats of much needed fundage -- these nasty nasty things could be placed on the option table -- like a military option.
It would be far more humane to use the threat of heroin as a strategic resource against the youth of certain autocrazies and unfree regimes until -- the poppy - lation of addicts has doubled -- or tripled -- causing the regime to totally break down.
After that -- 'freedom programs' to unburden survivors and save them from their addiction would be far more humane than encounters with -- o, say "Rock Of The Marne" or even worse -- WMD.

Pic - "There's a hole in their soul we can fill with dope. And they're feeling fine"


Paul said...

Britain used a similar policy to this in controlling parts of China in the 19th Century.

Could be a difficult policy to sell at home though. Unless you're trying to generate some kind of junkie exodus in search of cheaper gear in less salubrious parts of the world !

Peter said...

I'm not sure that 3rd ID wouldn't be more humane that heroin addiction. A damned small percentage of addicts actually stay clean, even after repeated treatment. Most are dead as soon as the fist needle goes into their arms. It just takes a long time for them to fall over, during that time they destroy everyone and everything they touch.

Napalm strikes are more humane. The folks involved may die in horrible agony but at least it's over quick.