Friday, September 18, 2009

What's In It For Us?

News that 44 has reset the idea of a possible missile defense network among the ex Warsaw Pact hotties in Czechland and Poland has magically inspired a Whiskey Foxtrot Tango moment.

And on the same day IAEA's double secret probation codecil says Iran may really be a nuke power right now!

Sure - everybody knows -- Commonwealth cannot bear to have any NATO stuff any where near her frontiers. Just ask Georgia.

"The Russians apparently think they have a divine right to threaten Europe with nuclear annihilation and anything that interferes with this is “destabilizing.” Actually the missile-defense sites posed no threat to Russia’s vast missile arsenal, and Putin undoubtedly knew this."

And everybody knows real Russian participation in doing real sanction stuff for Iranian enrichment interruptus would be nice too.

So, the quiz is -- what is in it for Great Satan?

A few clues Scooby Doo:

Despite Chavez's recent hello in Tehran about supplying tons of refined petrol to the mullahs in case the 'internat'l community' got all jank about Iran's nukey stuff - Commonwealth President Medvedev suddenly announced that sanctions are kinda like pretending guys are right all the time "... sometimes you have to embark on sanctions and they can be right.”

Commonwealth's GRU and new school KGB guys also announced investigation of the mystery ship that vanished for a few days and turned up empty near Africa is wrapped up.

Wicked gossip tattled that Artic Sea was toting air defense stuff to Iran. Talk about a slow boat! Would have been way faster to take a train, or a Caspian sea shipping racket.

Little Satan's avuncular PM BiBi (j'ever notice he kinda reminds ya of Gene Simmons in Kiss?) alledgedly magically appeared in Mockba to discuss secret secrets - like the nasty little S 300 Air Defense System or it's future mate - the S 400.

Or maybe BiBi was cutting deals for Little Satan's air force to refuel in Commonwealth airspace as a logistical leg up on smacking the living dayights out of some choice tender, sensitive portions of Iran's regime.

Or maybe BiBi wants Russia to point out Grozny suffered way more horribly (not once --but twice) than Palestine ever did in January's Strip blitz.

Plus - any strike on Iran -- or better yet -- a massive regime killing strike on -- oh, say the top 20% of Iran's ruling clerics and fanboys like Besseji HQ's, crippling the Revo Guard, knocking out Karg Island, annihilating ship killing missile batts near Hormuz, or clawing Persia's 90 or so aircraft they maybe could get airborn on a good day right out of the sky would all result in a spike in oil prices that would sweetly replenish Mockba's coffers.

So, what's in it for us?

Pic - " Dont EVER give up something for nothing"


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courtneyme109 said...

I saw that. There is no evidence -- as in zero, none, nothing -- that unilateral gestures of goodwill ever prompt substantive concessions from Russian governments, and our Eastern European friends went to considerable trouble and some political risk to support the former American position on this subject.

Thus - there is hopefully a secret deal cut in here somewhere....