Saturday, September 12, 2009

NoKo Wins!

It's true! NoKo won the staring match against all 6 party talkers! Congrats Dear Leader -- or is it Revered Leader? Nevermind -the real winner here is the oath breaking, kidnapping nuclear and weaponry proliferating regime in Pyongyang.

"The US shifted its policy today, saying it is now willing to meet one on one with North Korea if that is helpful to bring Pyongyang back to the nuclear negotiations.

US envoy Stephen Bosworth got the green light from the other members of the 6-party talks, negotiations to rid Pyongyang of its nuclear program, during meetings in the region in recent days.

North Korea has extended an invitation for Bosworth to visit Pyongyang, but officials say it’s unclear where or when a meeting could take place.

“It's designed to convince North Korea to come back to the six- party process and to take affirmative steps towards denuclearization,” State Department spokesman PJ Crowley said of the decision to meet.

Speaking on background, a senior US official said: “Our assessment, after consulting with the other parties in the six-party process, is that if a bilateral discussion can be an effective mechanism to get North Korea to come back to the six-party process… so that we can remind them of what their obligations are and to push them to take affirmative steps… then that would be a potentially useful step.”

North Korea has recently said it will never return to the nuke talks… so is there an expectation now that they might?

“We’ll wait and see,” the senior official said.

Art - "Fat Fury"


mauryk2 said...

Once again great graphics. The North Koreans have nothing else going for them, why would they change?

Peter said...

The only reason the Norks are getting away with all this is all those obsolete and semiobsolete artillery tubes zeroed in from about fifty meters outside of Seoul.

We missed our chance back during the Clinton Administration. We could have moved everyone in Seoul, and the rest of South Korea just out of Artillery rage and bomn the Norks's Nuke facilities. When the Norks started shelling, well, there is no one on Earth better at counterbattery fire than our Redlegs and I presume the S. Korean Artillery troops have been trained at least as well.

With those artillery tubes blown to bits that would have ended the problem of the Norks. Too bad that Clinton's only contribution of American Presidential gonads was that stain on the blue dress.