Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Army Disaster in 2016?


As previously previewed - the chaperon for the rowdy Unaussprechlichen COIN Külten is Great Satan's Warcraft Academy and premier panzer commander expert Colonel Gentile.

Showcasing a provocative scenario that years of counter insurgency only operations and training may design Great Satan's worst Army defeat in living memory:

"...In early 2016 the war started between the United States and Turkey and Iran over the fate of Kurdistan. Both Turkey and Iran had become fed up with the constant attacks and concomitant separatist movements of their Kurdish populations and decided to ally together and act once and for all to crush Kurdish desires for independence.

"...The Iraqi government requested American assistance and only a short while after pulling its remaining brigades out of Iraq sent in Brigades from the 101st and 82nd Airborne, 1st Cavalry and 4th Infantry Divisions; many of these Brigades had just returned from deployments to either Iraq or Afghanistan.

"...American commanders, so long accustomed to training and operational deployments that involved stability and counterinsurgency operations were unable to perform the most basic tasks of combined arms synchronization.

"...The Army’s soldiers too lacked essential individual skills of fire and movement; artillery battalions were unable to mass fires, and even though the Navy and Air Force had substantial amounts of airpower in the region, the Army on the ground was unable to coordinate it against an enemy who stood and fought.

"...The American Army was beaten and bloodied badly. It lost nearly as many soldiers in this short three month war against the Turks and Iranians than it did in almost 15 years of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. It took it another twenty years to recover from this disaster but by 2050 China and Russia had established dominance in Asia, Europe, and Africa to the detriment of vital American interests.


In a way, Colonel G makes the case for what TPM Barnett envisions - Great Satan toting two 30 year in the future militaries.

A "Leviathan Force" to engage in ancient set piece battles versus enemy panzergrenadiers, traditional army air forces and a Surge ala COIN force to maintain stability in crunk and disorderly hoods.

Keeping her skill sets sexyfully sharp could mean instead -

"...Between the headwaters of the Tigress and the hills of Irbil this enormous armored brawl raged unabated for over eight hours.

"...Distant detonations sounding off in tandem - from both enemy fronts - as Great Satan's Navy and Air Force wrought their terrible air dominance. An entire Iranian armor division was destroyed miles from the actual fighting.

"... A few square miles of upper Tigress river valley was transformed into a blackened inferno of exploding armor, wrecked burning vehicles and charred corpses - drenched intermittently by downpours from violent thunderstorms.

"...Suddenly Turkey was fighting for her life as Great Satan's Kurdish victory touched off separatist movements in Armenia and a renewed drive for Kurdistan proper.

"...Persia's humiliating defeat was the last straw for a tormented population suffering under one foreign misadventure after another, the regime collapsed and Supreme Leader was stomped to death in the streets on live Al Jazeera.

Pic - "There are such things as savage small wars of peace, but there are also savage wars of war"


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Soap McTavish said...

methinks COL Gentile has been away from the line for too long...i can tell you from first hand experience that 1CD has two METLs - one for HIC, one for SASO. indeed, the current ready brigade from the 82nd is currently (or very shortly) conducting a full spectrum deployment to JRTC.

we may have lost some core competencies, but the sky is not falling. i'd take my bradley crew against the persians any day.

Jpck20 said...

Wow now those are some Weapons of Mass Destruction in the pic ;)

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looks pretty wicked! I love things like this
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