Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birnaum Woode Comes To Dunsinane


Before the Bard rapped 'Fear not, till Birnam wood Do come to Dunsinane:' there is another one liner worthy of diplopolitary endeavor considerations - something something - "If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well it were done quickly” quoth MacBeth evermore.

44's semi abdication on events au courant got yanked back in the drivers seat by hoochie fatales like Madame Sec HRC, UN Ambassador Susan Rice, Sam Pow (who seems to have repaired her monster foot shooting off adventure with Madame Sec) and NSC babe Gayle Smith. All hooked up to fix up 44 getting all magically all manned up.

Maybe a week ago - but now? 44 may be all Penny Lane "feel as if he's in play - he is anyway"

"...To act or not to act? That has been the question. The results of his indecision have been unhappy. Hosni Mubarak, for so long an American ally, has been overthrown in Egypt. Colonel Khadaffy, the erstwhile sponsor of terrorism so foolishly rehabilitated by the West just four years ago, has—until now—lived to fight another day in Libya. Meanwhile, in Bahrain, another insurrection is being quelled with the help of Saudi Arabia—an American ally even more important than Libya.

Kinda  like amateur night at the strip club  (don't open this link at work!) - and to quote Best Defense "...it is not done that well, yet one is surprised to find it done at all." 

44's inability to learn it live it love it and enjoy Great Satan's world leadership role at the same incredible moment she exacts righteous payback on the world's very first (and longest lasting) terrorist regime is simply mind numbingly tarded in the real world (also a urine poor example of hanging out in climate controlled classrooms - allegedly surrounded by 'smart ppl - as opfor'd to standing up to creeps at the mall or bullies at a Little League game).

This is significant - Colonel Khadaffy owes Great Satan a blood debt that has no statue of limitations - he's been incredibly lucky to last 40 days let alone 40 years - and here's a tip - if anyone in your august presence gets all inappropriate and boringly handwringing, worrying about the wrong thing - feel free to grant them a dose of American military history - Great Satan is not only unpredictable - she's also kinda crazy. 

Any raison d'etre to annihilate Libya's illegit Regime should be celebrated.

"...Once a critic of American military intervention in the Middle East, once a skeptic about the chances of democratizing the region, 44 now finds himself with a poisoned chalice in each hand. In one there are the dregs of the last administration’s interventions: military commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan that he is eager to wind down. In the other is a freshly poured draft of his own making.

"...Make no mistake. Whatever the wording of the United Nations Security Council resolution, the United States is now at war with the Libyan government, and the aim of this war is the overthrow of Gaddafi. In the words of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: “If you don’t get him out and if you don’t support the opposition and he stays in power, there’s no telling what he will do.”

"...This was the right thing to do. Was. But it should have been done weeks ago, when it first became clear that Gaddafi, unlike Mubarak, was able and willing to unleash military force against his opponents. 

"...Now, with loyalist forces approaching the rebel stronghold of Benghazi, it may well be too late. It certainly seems unlikely that an exclusively aerial intervention in Libya’s civil war can topple the mad dog of Tripoli. And even if it’s still possible to tip the balance in favor of the rebels, then what?

"...The more likely outcomes are (a) 1848-style restorations of the old regimes; (b) a descent into protracted civil wars; (c) Islamist takeovers; (d) a regionwide Sunni-Shiite conflict. By the way, (b), (c), and (d) are not necessarily mutually exclusive. They may be a sequence of events.

Pic - "Look like the innocent flower, But be the serpent under it.


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