Friday, March 4, 2011

The Commonwealth - Sino Ho Down

Ba Bushka!

Forget about the Near Abroad- or the ancient old school collectivist dreams of Red Army panzers sleekly dashing across Fulda Gap - flashing that hot! Kontakt 5 explosive reactive armour, overwhelming NATO weaklings as clouds of Sukhoi's and MiG's sweetly scream overhead clearing the skies to annihilate bootilicious  troop concentrations kilometers behind the schwerpunkt.

It's resource rich Siberia bay bee!

A hungry hungry China will be totally hot for all Siberia can provide - ideally, cutting deals for what she wants.

"...The match between the world's largest energy producer, Russia, and its largest energy consumer, China, might seem ideal. But the speed at which China's military is growing presses the question: how can Moscow feed the Chinese dragon with oil and gas but still contend with its increasing power?

Much of Commonwealth's diplopolititary deals with China, Russia's largest trade partner with some $9.5 billion in bilateral trade, has been formed around fears that China really really wants that thinly populated turf back, either as room for its burgeoning population or to exploit for the minerals, oil and gas.

"...In 2008 Moscow ceded 174 square km (67 square miles) of land to Beijing on their shared border along the Ussuri and Amur Rivers, where the two powers ferociously - yet briefly - fought in 1969, leaving nearly 60 dead. 

"...They're still worried that China will invade Siberia one day because of the resources," Dmitry Gorenburg, a senior analyst at military and public sector think tank CNA, said "Because from the Russian point of view it's a very sparsely populated area, hard to defend, very remote from the center of Russia."

 China has freaked her hood by claiming several islands that Nippon currently claims. 

"... With warships and missiles, Russia is flexing its muscles in the Far East in a bid to defend its position as an Asian power against China's growing might. China's rise has forced Russia's leaders to turn their gaze eastward and reassess decades of Soviet-era planning for a land war on the European plain or the nightmare of a nuclear conflict with the United States.

"...Russia is by no means looking for a fight with China, but wants to make sure China's territorial claims do not upset a delicate balance of power in the Far East. 

Pic - "New Model Army"