Friday, March 25, 2011

Sectarian Wars

al Mahdi!

The commotion that Great Satan's Divine Interventions in and around Arab League has brewed up a noxious brew (think Grey Goose, Dr Pepper and Kaopectate) is a presumption of Western intelligentsia — (and a not particularly impressive brew either - ala Frankreich).

If any of it were truly true then why cause that meme is

"Rejected by Arab protesters, the majority of whom have not uttered anti-American slogans - the springtime of the Arab world offers Great Satan an opportunity to reclaim her values and redeem her interests. America has a stake in the future of the Middle East and should not shy away from cultivating the nascent democratic movements sweeping the region. 

"...Many in the West presume that once m"Hammedist parties are integrated into the political order, the burdens of governance — compromise, coalition-building and constituency maintenance — will inevitably lead them to dispense with their ideological past. Such liberal conceits do a disservice to the Muslim Brotherhood and its many offspring, denigrating their commitment to their dogma."

And dogma deigns danger, darling.  

Unlike fun friendly sectarian sects - like the Beatles, Batman, Creddie or Seddie  l' shia/sunni schismimus maximus is bleeding bloody.

Every since Ali got bushwacked in Kufa Iraq way back in 661 AD - the sectarian chiz has been off the hook - y'all! Currently - Shiaism seems to be the hot combatty faith d'resistance.

Of either sect - only shia's can claim to have stalemated the wicked, woman worshipping West and the never ending cadre of Crusaders, Zionistas and Hindus. Hiz'B'Allah's  'Divine Victory' over Little Satan - shia fed and funded rocketeers that succeeded the suicide bombers of Palestine in HAMAS and Mookie's shialicious Mahdi Army in Iraq.

Iran's Preacher Command is the self declared protectors, enablers and emboldeners of shia stuff and is not particularly fearful of using asymmetrical revolutionary warfare to keep the pressure up on sunni nation/states - uh - 'blessed' - with large amounts of shia.  

Yemen is a good example, just perhaps the most scary flashpoint of the coming Sectarian Wars ready to explode like ancient Soviet era panzers encountered enroute to downtown Baghdad is Bahrain 

"...With centuries of Persian rule up to about the mid 18th century, the majority of Bahrainis profess the Shia sect of Islam. 

"...Unlike other rulers in the Persian Gulf, the Al-Khalifas have had to contend with four major handicaps: (i) Bahrain has no oil or natural gas wealth to speak of, (ii) it is literally a stone’s throw away from the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, where most of Saudi Arabia’s 15 percent or so Shia population live, (iii) the Al-Sauds, who financially support the Al-Khalifas, viscerally hate the Shia and have subjugated and deprived them for decades, and (iv) the Sunnis are, at most, 30 percent of Bahrain’s population.

"...Iran and Iraq, both majority Shia countries, is about four times that of the six countries that make up the Gulf Cooperation Council. Iran and Iraq are respectively 90 and 60 percent Shia, while Bahrain is about 70 percent Shia. Iraqi Shia know what it is like to be discriminated against after decades under Saddam Hussein. In fact Iraqis already protested in Basra last week in support of their brethren in Bahrain. 

"...One thing is for sure. Iran, Iraq and their surrogates, such as Hiz'B'Allah, will not stand idly by and let this persecution against Shia gather momentum. They will intervene with ominous implications not only for Bahrain, but also for the rest of the GCC and for the future of the United States in the Persian Gulf.

Pic - "Great Power pretensions and paradoxical polices"