Friday, November 30, 2007

Britannia's Watchful Eye

Pocket theocracies are creepy places. Sudan is K'ran land where teddy bears are alive and free thinking children under gentle influence from foreign free female humanitarians -no less - provoke potential application of unreal cruelty of customs, laws and traditions.
Ruled by an intolerant, nonegalitarian sha ria law loving preachers paradise, Sudan is the former standby hood for Al Qaeda pre Taliban.

And it shows. Major exports are genocide, intolerance and a bizarro absolute militant mohammedist male superiority concept of shame and honor that seems at times to be between the legs of their sisters, daughters, nieces and girl cousins.
In these ungentle clutches fall a British citizen.

Long ago a British citizen in Greece had his property seized and was imprisoned in a controlled area by secret police. Great Britain protested. Royal Navy's Fleet Med sailed into Athens harbour targeting and seizing the regime's precious assets. The international outcry was tremendous - and tremendously
"A British subject, in whatever land they may be, shall feel confident that the
watchful eye and strong arm of Britain will protect them against injustice and
The crisis rapidly ended. Great Britain got her children back safe and sound.
This is significant - the pioneer of such robust intolerance incineration was Lord Palmerston - who later as PM used the Royal Navy to put paid to the slave trade.

Great Britain wielded soft power on Her daughter's behalf - enlisting the British Muslim Council's rasion detente with kindred spirits in Khartoum. Ibrahim Mogra's appeal for mercy revealed functional democracies are also enlightened societies.
"We have been calling on the Sudanese authorities to show leniency, that this
was a case of an innocent oversight, a misunderstanding, and there was no need
for this to be escalated."
Even Islamic Rage Boy is sitting this one out.

Great Britain's Foreign Sec Foreign Secretary the Rt Hon (Right HOT in Pierre Cardin) David Millibank stated Britanica was
" extremely disappointed that the charges against Gillian Gibbons were not
dismissed. As I said this morning, our clear view is that this is an innocent
misunderstanding by a dedicated teacher..."
"...expressed in the strongest terms."
throughout the evening in an especial 45 minute meeting. Tea was neither offered nor served.

Perhaps soft power and the subtle nuances of negotiation, friendly give and take persuaded the Islamic Courts of Khartoum's super timely exit right before Mosque Day.
Legal analysts said they would be surprised if she served the full
sentence. They said that the sentence, reached after eight hours of
deliberations, was carefully calibrated to reduce domestic tensions.

Or maybe it was the Foreign Secretary and the memory of Lord Palmerston.

News of such unislamic mercies granted to infidels is causing tension after Friday Prayers near the President For Life's Presidential Palace in Martyrs Square.

Mohammedist messenger Abdul-Jalil Nazeer al-Karouri was exceedingly dissed the blood thirst is denied.
"Imprisoning this lady does not satisfy the thirst of Muslims in Sudan. This
arrogant woman who came to our country, cashing her salary in dollars, teaching
our children hatred."

Additional Desert Hawk III UAVs from Lockheed Martin announced Nov 28. The
order is the latest in a series of contracts going back several years to equip
the British military with the miniature intelligence, surveillance and
reconnaissance UAV.

Sharpens her Watchful Eye:

450 tactical and Predator medium-altitude, long-endurance UAVs have both
been added to British capabilities in theater recently.

rejecting Kipling's prophecy (the best ever memorial to the Great Satan's Favourite Uncle ever.)

"Far-called, our navies melt away; On dune and headland sinks the fire: Lo, all our pomp of yesterday Is one with Nineveh and Tyre! Judge of the Nations, spare us yet, Lest we forget - lest we forget."


tac said...

«Je lui ai dit que je combattrai de toutes mes forces l'antisémitisme, l'islamophobie et toute forme de racisme. Je considère que l'incident est clos et j'irai en ami en Algérie», a ajouté le président de la République.

Donald Douglas said...

A little more hard power might be good!

Nice posting, Courtney!

Paul Champagne said...

Seems like the Sudanese government may be coming to its' senses. I think they may be pardoning her.

Karen Townsend said...

This story is so crazy. I posted on it, too. All over a teddy bear. Named by 7 year olds.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

tac -merci -l'mohmmedisme militare' avec la francais repub motto la nationale -libretie, equalitie, fraternitie. Avec militarie' la Republique! Viva la France.

Hi Donald - Updates show Great Britain is wielding a high level military far above her weight class. Perhaps Kipling's warning and new Iranian missiles with 2K range - Brits determine not to sit about for the 6K rangers to come online. The RN still has to live down Iran's blatant piracy last summer.

Paul -Pardon has been in the air since the begining. Sudan is following the Sharansky model of internal and external threats to maintain the people' confidence. Doubtful that a REAL demonstration for say, an egalitarian concept would not swept up without mercy by the regimes headchoppers.

Sudan, like all ME unfree states do not allow public gatherings except at the Mosque or the soccer stadium.

Hi Karen. Crazy is the word. Notice how it's starting to look like anything not remotely Mohammedist can be considered an attack on Mohammedism?

Anonymous said...

There was a time when Britain would expend great amounts of time and resource just to fetch deserters from deep in the jungle half a world away. Now they back down in the face petty piracy.
How things change.