Sunday, November 11, 2007

Deutschmarks and Grits Uber Alles

Hot on the heels of a hot make up hook up with France's darling Nikki, the Great Satan shindigs an old school Texas lo down ho down. Designed to dazzle, Deutschland's Bundeskanzler Angela Merkel is a guest of honor and gets the especial pick up truck ride.

"In Texas when you invite somebody into your home it's an expression of warmth
and respect and that's how I feel about Chancellor Merkel."
Seducing Iran's last financially legit biz partners is highly significant. Germany's got game.
"Germany is Iran 's biggest trading partner, with a 2006 surplus of €4bn"
Chatting up Germany's long time biz partner about uranium enrichment chicanery, under UN auspices - no less - has been a 3 year trek to heartache and frustration despite the super sweet best friends forever deal :

"the incentives were the most far-reaching offered to Iran since Britain ,
France and Germany started negotiations with the Islamic Republic over three and
a half years ago. Iran would be offered nuclear technology, including a light
nuclear reactor, Washington would lift economic sanctions and Iran would receive
crucial spare parts for its aircraft."
The Great Satan's asymmetrical hudna becomes asymmetrical jihad, implemented over a delightful southern treat.
green chili-cheese grits souffle, and pecan pie.

"Strategically, we see eye-to-eye. Tactically, there are some slight
differences," Gordon Johndroe, spokesman for the White House National Security
Council, said.

The Great Satan shared tactically slight diffs with the last of Iran's Euro biz buds.

"It emerged last night that Siemens, one of the world's largest engineering
groups and based in Germany, has pulled out of all new business dealings with
Iran after pressure from the US and German governments. This follows the
decision by Germany's three biggest banks, Deutsche, Commerzbank, and Dresdner, to quit Iran after a warning from US vice-president Dick Cheney that if firms
remain in Tehran, they are going to have problems doing business in the US."
Years of investment and infrastructure disappearing with the Great Satan's up coming regime killing release of 'Beyond Blitzkrieg: Expansion pack' seems a shameful waste of Teutonic capital and feats of engineering.
Besides, the cash Germany makes wheeling and dealing with moneyed mullahs is small change compared to what's financially at stake in Deutschland's capital creation in the Great Satan.

700K jobs in Deutschland along with 46 % of US direct investment abroad was
in the EU.

EU countries accounted for more than 60 % of foreign direct investment
in the US.

Underscoring that the Great Satan wields considerable influence in the pocket books of the EU's pocket states. Since the Great Satan is paying the band, she calls the tunes.

The encircled Islamic Republic is running out of dance partners:
Staging a bizarre diss at the UN's Tehran office that only serves to remind the internat'l community that the largest killers of mohammedists have been, well, other mohammedists. A wonderful example of an eccentric bite the hand that shields mentality.

Iran's failing domestic sitch is requiring traditional despotic management tools.

Iran's brand new diplomatic damage control team has their hands full with potential Arab client states in the Gulf that are flat out dissed, spooked, and present considerable threats to the mullah's south 40. Royalty in Ray Bans deploy smoke and glittering prizes.

The EU's formerly vaunted 'soft power' (which seems a lot like Russian Air Defenseless Systems) provides no security.

"A European diplomat, however, said, Iran had not been offered any security
guarantees. and that "the E.U. is certainly not in a position to do offer this
because the E.U. is not a defense organization. The E.U. is not in position to
provide any security umbrella."

The Little Satan bears her fangs, reminding her enemies that The
Great Satan is not the only player
that can strike decisively, effectively,
at will and without modesty.

Also significant is that the Great Satan and Deutschland are issuing no new statements during the Deutschmarks und Grits game of Texas Hold 'em. Previous statements say it all.

"The Iranians must understand that we won't fold," Bush said. "Our
partnership is strong and for the sake of world peace, they should abandon
their nuclear ambitions."

Adds Merkel "Under no circumstances must Iran be allowed to come into
possession of nuclear weapons."

The Great Satan plays the last card close to her breast. When does the asymmetrical jihad begin?


Debbie said...

Our internet broadband has been down since last night. Sorry. I planned on posting on Germany last night. Great article.

Right Truth

Donald Douglas said...

Interesting post!

I saw the pictures of Bush and Merkel cruising in the in prez's king cab - he's a truly cool truckin' chief exec.

Merkel's our dame in Deutschland, and thank goodness. Seriously, though, we'll need Germany's support diplomatically, and perhaps militarily, (if and) when we strike against Iran.

Keep it up!