Sunday, October 28, 2007

America's Asymmetrical Hudna

The Annapolis Awakening features the Great Satan at her finest as Secretary of State Rice so directly, so eloquently so American announces the "non-negotiable demands of human dignity"

-- the rule of law, limits on state power, free speech, religious liberty, equal
justice, property rights, tolerance of difference and respect for women. These
values are a source of success for nations across the world and they are the
only ideas that can give people in the Middle East a future of modernity with
dignity. This will ultimately defeat the ideology of violent extremism

Internal polls in Israel and Palestine both show a desire for peace though both doubt it will happen. Most Palestinians don't want to live in a Sharia law loving Preachers Paradise either.

Inviting the HAMAS drives a wedge between Gaza Command and Tehran.

Will Annapolis work? That's not the point. This sends a brazen reminder to Iran about how isolated she is now and what could lie in store.

Hudna is a loaded term in Islamic jurisprudence. During the Muslim conquest of Mecca, instead of a rapid victory, Muhammad made a ten-year treaty with the Kuraysh tribe. In 628 AD, after only two years of the ten-year treaty, Muhammadists concluded that the Kuraysh were too weak to resist and were promptly annihilated.

America's ME Hudna is in full swing - enlisting the Little Satan, Israel's client state Palestine and former Presidents Carter and Clinton complete the deployment of the smokescreen.

This is part of America's Encirclement Strategy.

America disses the UN, bypassing that unproductive corrupt collection of thug huggers, blocs of creepy regimes and Leagues and tightens the vice with sanctions that target Iran's billfold and muscle. This inspires the EU - the very same cats who couldn't even take an 8 hour tank ride to Belgrade to put Milosevic out of biz, to plot their own sanctions on Iran.

The Great Satan and Great Britain buddy up and launch 'proxy wars' in Iran. Attacking, stalking and abducting the Islamic Republic's precious assets, munitions and minions with old school special ops. The rather unstealthy stealth bomber upgrades reinforce Israel's point that spending precious cash reserves on Russian Air Defenseless Systems is like throwing your money in a dumpster. Special thanks to Robert Ignatious of the Washington Post for making my case that asymmetrical warfare waged on a terrorist regime that made asymmetrical warfare an art form is wickedly clever, and has the added benefit of being the best option out there.

The Great Satan bears her fangs as the mullahs rapidly cover and revamp theirs. Sacking Larajani, installing a new IRGC commander and building a new improved corrupt politcal leadership to replace the current corrupt political leadership.

Amazingly ironic that the totalitarian descendents of pre Islamic Persian chessmeisters are in check by the free technomeisters that invented strip poker.


Roger W. Gardner said...

Absolutely your best piece to date. Exciting and inspiring, just like Dr. Rice's surprisingly strong words.
Congrats on a great job!

Roger G.

Right Truth said...

Excellent review of the situation. I almost choked when I first heard that Condi had turned to Carter of all people. But you explain the strategy perfectly. I would never make a politician, because there is too much deceit involved with the job.

Right Truth

Susan Duclos said...

Great piece girlie!!! I added a link as an update on my Iran piece, linked here to your wonderful piece.

Old Neocon said...

What a great, great blog! Terrific! Thanks for stopping by.
Gerry Charlotte Phelps

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

The Nukes!!! Great piece! Wonderfool to read!

"asymmetrical warfare waged on a terrorist regime that made asymmetrical warfare an art form"

YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Troubles can be made on the Iranian side too.

"While not all the battles of this war will be exactly like Iraq, the bitter experience of the last four years should serve as a reminder that we must adapt to the war as it is rather than pretend we have the option of fighting a war we would prefer."

Roger W. Gardner said...

GSG-- This is just the beginning. You are a skyrocket!

Roger G

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Wow - heady praise indeed. Thank you - and I learned it all from y'all.

Roger W. Gardner said...

Actually, I think we have a lot to learn from you, GSG.