Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Saudi King's Swinging London Song and Dance

The coming war with Iran looms on the Persian Gulf Horizon. The absolute ruler of the world's original He Man Women Hating Kingdom hits Swinging London. Especially sweet since the First Lady used valuable prime time state controlled media on Sacred Turf - no less - to advance the decidely unIslamic concept of breast cancer pre emption.

Times are unsure for the Guardian of the 2 Holy Places. Saudi Arabia has just racked up with the best weaponry the Great Satan can provide. Long in the making, this deal underscores the figleaf coalition that will strike the Islamic Republic's regime anytime now.

Especially interesting is the inclusion of items that make a Saudi amphibious assault across the Gulf a very real threat - Bradley combat vehicles, M 1 tanks and all the accoutrements. Fighter jets in the deal make a lot of sense - especially since Israel sent a very scary message to the Mullah's air defense commanders that air defense is now a subjective term - like jihad.

Since the King is the CiC of the Saudi Military he came to Great Britain for more than an offhand comment about British attitudes to terror or to advertise Saudi warnings about recent terror attacks that had been unheeded. Interestingly, his meeting with the Home Secretary had been cancelled for nonaffairs of state. Not a total loss, as he'll get to have Tea with the Queen.

"But one of the Saudis' prime concerns today is how to contain their giant neighbour Iran and its suspect nuclear programme.
So sensitive is this issue that King Abdullah declined to discuss so this week's visit is unlikely to see any new announcements in that area. "
No doubt - The Great Satan 'rosins' up her bow for the Lo Down Ho Down.


Roger W. Gardner said...

Congrats again! Every post of yours is unique and wonderful!
I love watching you soar, skyrocket!

Roger G.

David W. Moon said...

So you live somewhere near the Bragg Reservation.

Here's my blog that I neglect.

I do like your site and concept. Excellent and tasteful use of color. Keep it up.


a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

Unfortunately, arms will lead to nukes if Iran isn't put in check at some point I think.

If we prevail over the Iranian nukes, let's hope those trying to keep up don't continue their quest; not as bad as Momo and the Mullahs, but not too nice....