Saturday, November 3, 2007

Purifying The Land Of The Pure

Supervillian Taliban terrorists compounds, Combat with victory and defeat swinging like a pendulum nigh unhinged. Is an entire region - the Federated Tribal turf of Khawazakhela, a former no go zone for President General Musharif's Pakistani Army up for grabs? Or is this creepy, beheading cult of Taliban thug huggers prepping for martyr status at a hellish Anti Alamo?

Currently the Pakistan Frontier Corps are suffering from a terrible bushwacking Talibanish intolerants and their old school buds Al Qaeda will no doubt spin this as a divine victory.

Pakistani military officials concede they are searching for a new strategy now
that the old one has gone awry.
But with Musharraf struggling to stay in office
and expected to soon step down from the military, no decisions are likely until
questions over the country's leadership are settled.

Getting Musharraf elected for another five years -- that is keeping
everything on hold," said Brig. Gen. Mehmood Shah, who until 2005 was a top
security official in the tribal areas.

"The federal government is busy with its problem of legitimacy. "

Legitimacy. The bane of unelected leaders in the new millenium.

The Land of the Pure's President General. For years he's honestly tried to appease, to co exist, to reform. The result? Chaotic lawless 'Forbidden Zones', multiple botched assassination attempts and open revolution - the very op of stability - a must have on any military ruler's resume'.

India signals sympathy with Musharriff giving him a clear six o'clock to wield his real military in a real war. Defeating a dark, pocket caliphate will demand more than the not very highly reguarded Frontier Corps.

"The sad thing about it is that a lot of these militants are better off than the
Frontier Corps," said the Western official, referring to the Pakistani force
that is supposed to be on the front lines fighting the Taliban and al-Qaeda. The
militants "have rockets. They have advanced weapons. And the Frontier Corps has
sandals and a bolt-action rifle."

Experts on Pakistan's military agree. The gloves are off. Time to wage a Lalafallujah.

"Pakistan should have no doubt about what these people have done, and what they
can do. They have declared war on Pakistan. Now the army must make a war plan."


Debbie said...

If Pakistan really got serious about fighting the enemy, things could turn around quickly in the region. We might even get Osama and his close buddies. Wouldn't that be something.

Debbie said...

Oops, that was from me, Debbie, Right Truth

Lord Nazh© said...

Good posts.

I can't see a contact for you on here, so I'll contact you here :) I was wondering if you would like to post at TDR? I'm looking for other people to post on there, the 2 guys I have with me don't post much and I don't post as often as I have been (maybe I will later) and need someone new to join.

you can contact me at lordnazh @ lordnazh . com either way. After reading your writing, it would be a priviledge to have you with us.

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Great Satan's Girlfriend said...

Right said Right Truth. Debbie, I heard some one illustrate the sitch so weel. Like a man who raised a baby python from an enfant to full size. When it was lttle it would wrap around his finger and squeeze. Oh! It was so sweet. Later of course - it crushed and devoured him. Pakistan's General President has no choice - if his regime or even his nation is to survive he'll have to apply deadly force - like Western militaries do - not this on aagain off again truces and lulls in fighting - to seek out an annihilate his enemy. An enemy which by happy coincidence is America's enemy. An enemy of free people everywhere.

radarsite said...

Another terrific post. Things are definitely heating up there now that Musharrif has declared virtual Martial Law. What happens there in these next few days is anybody's guess.

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

Mush has himself a tricky wicket. Toeing the line in order to hop back and forth has its benefits, but eventually that wears thin, as it doesn't get you anywhere but you get to keep the seat you have.

Damned if he does and damned if he doesn't he faces a very daunting task regardless.

Does he do what he does just to remain in power or to take terrorists down? At this point it doesn't really matter as long as he takes the pantloads down in the process.

Personally, I don't want to see what Pak is like without him.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Well said Blandly, as the last of the swagger stick totin', whiskey drinking, Sandhurst Royal Military Academy Anglophile 'Papa' General- President M is now in a tight race to kill terrorists in the former Federal no go zones, and back off just declared martial law by January. Lest 'legitimacy' run him out of Dodge.