Sunday, November 4, 2007


What Would Hiz'B'Allah do?

Hiz'B'Allah is arguably the most dangerous weapon in Iran's arsenal - perhaps the deadliest in the event of an all out attack on the Islamic Republic's Regime. Armed to the teeth with missiles, trained terrorists, sleeper and active cells in the Great Satan. A Martyrs Supreme scenerio - access to Syrian and Iranian old school chemical WMD would be horrible.

To Hiz'B'Allah the idea of using such devices or any attack may be just as horrible. There would be no statue of limitations for an attack on American soil. Once it was traced to HBA or to Iran (and in every instance it has) HBA would be at the mercy of Americans who will not be too concerned about discerning proof beyond reproach, international litmus, or time sensitive 'actionable intell'. And the Great Satan has a track record both of using nukes and utterly destroying her enemies.

In practical terms, however, HBA might consider how
the American response
to 9/11 affected al Qaeda and the Taliban - choosing
not to go down that road.

Al Jazeera disses The Lion of Syria with tales of the Great Satan nuking the regimes most treasured items. If true and especially so if it isn't - the message to HBA's Secretary General is that B'Kah Valley is one giant civilian free target rich environment against air forces who pretty much can fly whenever, wherever and destroy whatever they want.. If HBA acts out again - the resulting response could very well take Bashar Al Assad's Syria down with it - an effective wedge driven by the Great Satan.

In last years July August War, reports circulated that the Israeli Air Force demonstrated the Little Satan's uncanny knack for using highly place spies and agents in HBA by destroying 80% of HBA's missiles in less than 3 hours. Effectively setting the Iranian fed and funded terrorists back to the car bomb age, and putting paid to true strategic abilities.

Cranking out missiles like doughnuts, HBA may be fully restocked now, enjoying a thin veneer of 'strategic capabilities'. All the more reason for the Great Satan to turn the B'Kah valley into a collection of smoking craters.

Sweet indeed is the fact that the intertwined rats nest of ties and counter ties between Bashar Al Assad's inherited concept of Kuryat Suriya, Hiz'B'Allah and Iran - that for years semi shielded accountability and deflected suspicion - may very well serve as to take them all the way out - all at one time.

What would Hiz'B'Allah do? Perhaps the REAL question is: What will the Great Satan do?


a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

If the Great Satan and allies really took the gloves off woe to those that take up arms against her.

The bad guys need to pray that we don't get serious as they wouldn't stand a chance.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

No doubt! Time to take 'em ALL out ala Michael Corleone in GFI