Thursday, October 25, 2007

Atlanta Burned Again Last Night

My gf's must have asked 10 times what we were going down there for. Halfway through my explanation I could see their eyes glazing over. "Is this about your Devil's Daughter thing again?" I finally gave up on the explanation and told them it was a keg party at Emory U called the Boxer Rebellion where all the guys are wearing boxer shorts. Instantly Megan added another 8 MPH as she slangshot over to the fast lane. It didn't help - we were running really late.

We hit Atlanta and got turned all about, finally found the campus, acted lost and helpless and instantly ensnared two gallant young men, who had the added benefit of being HOT, guided us right into the hall. And right into campus security who were making everyone leave because the IF Awarenss event was cancelled after "Outsiders" had shouted down Dr. David Horrowitz and he had split.
SNAP! is not the word that was repeated loudly, repeatedly, without restraint or modesty. The 4 of us had not only splurged precious cash and our combined Strategic Petroleum Reserves for the next few days, but had also wasted a perfectly good Wednesday night.
A handful of fascist intolerants had killed free speech after we had just driven past bloodsoaked Civil War Battlefields like Resacca, Kenesaw and Marietta. That is unreal.
Here's an excerpt from the Emory Wheel with Dr. Horowitz just before :

You're visiting four schools this week and Emory is one of them.
Why did you choose to visit Emory?

I've got kind of a relationship with Emory, don't I? I ran an ad in your
paper last year, and it was attacked by all the religious life professors and
administrators. That is the problem. There is an embargo on discussing who we're
fighting and I think that's crippling in a war, not to be able to discuss who
the enemy is, what the nature of your enemy is. And I always said what I
believed and my professors never harassed me — the way some professors do harass students these days — and it was a great privilege. So, even though you know I'm a conservative, I'm a hot-button guy on many issues, a university is really a
time when it's a rare privilege when you have that time to think about things.So
I did that ad in The Emory Wheel and saw that [the dialogue] is going to be shut
down. I mean, nobody wants to be called a religious bigot, which is basically
what the religious life people said about the ad. And there was nothing bigoted
about the ad. I saw a repeat.

Dr. H must have known there would be tension on campus. Check out this bit where he says

By the way, the flier that's being handed around, that says Emory students are half-educated. I gave a speech here a few years ago, and my tagline was you can't get a good education if they're only telling you half the story. I said liberal students were getting the short end of the stick because you never hear the conservative argument. I was way into the question period, and somebody came up with a question about racial profiling, something that was pretty complex. And I said, that's the problem with being half-educated. I understand the issue. The hypersensitivity, it's heightened. When minority kids come in here — whether they're Muslim or black — they go through these orientations that say there's this racist world we live in. And so they're geared to being upset about things. It's terrible for them, it just completely closes their minds. Every time somebody challenges you, it's a racial thing.

You go Dr H. Real fascists are jamming Free Speech. The Night Atlanta Burned Again.


a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

That intro was an incredibly enjoyable read, but I don't care for the flashbacks generated by images of shrinking "SPR" and very little, if anything in the kitty.

Thanks for popping by...say "hey" to the wicked one for me.

Great Satan's Girlfriend said...

Take it from me, being broke with no petrol on the weekend doth sorely sucketh!