Monday, October 8, 2007

Humiliation of the Ummah

Good grief! Here we go again - Palestinian Statehood. YAWN. All this on again off again talks, meetings, roadmaps and of course ye olde 'Peace Plans'. Supposedly smart people are making a big deal out of what could be very easy. While Dr. Condoleeza Rice seems to have NOT been 'Bakerized', well at least as much as old man 'realism' was.

So to save the Saudi's (who probably won't come), the Egyptians and Jordanians (who probably will show up) , the Syrians (who wouldn't dare show up), the Palestinians (who will have to show up) the Israelis and the Americans a little bit of time - I've drawn up a preliminary peace plan for their consideration.

Official Recognition from all 20 members of the Arab League and Palestine
of the State of Israel. This recog should include mention of Israel as a Jewish
state, and the establishment of Embassies, ambassidorial exchanges - the whole thing.

Egypt and Jordan should acknowledge their past failures of leadership with the Palestinian people. Failures like launching wars of aggression against a democratic member of the UN. And losing them. Then, cutting Peace deals with Israel - leaving their people stuck in misery in refugee camps for years, their failure to assimilate their own people into loyal, productive citizens.

Egypt, Jordan and Syria should pay reparations to the Palestinians, for causing all their grief and heartache. This could include land grants, citizenship and of course cash.

Palestine should renounce control of the Temple Mount and return the entire site to Israel. Jerusalem is only the 3rd Holiest site in Islam. For Judaism it's their only Holy site.

The Right of Return must be declared the evil., misguided myth that it is. After all, 8 million Germans haven't really said much, killed much, bombed much or protested much over the 'right of return' to Danzig or the lost provinces of Deutschland's failed 'Drang Nach Osten' .

Financial aid could be offered in return for Palestine's creation of a tolerant, egalitarian society, with a free, uncensored press, open, periodic, transparent elections, a nat'l treasury under public scrutiny, a judicary independent of the police, military or Sha Ria Law. Outlaw militias, gender apartheid and honor killings.

Otherwise it's a waste of time.


Roger W. Gardner said...

I hereby formally nominate Courtney for our next UN Ambassador. Great rant. All true.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Thak you Thank you - I would accept and I would serve and if they thought John Bolton was lacking in '...those subtle nuances of diplomacy...' then just wait til I hit Turtle Bay!