Sunday, October 14, 2007

Unreal Realism

The creators, supports and worshippers of 'stability' - as defined by the very unrealistic concept of 'Realism' in Foreign Policy are back again. These sad, tired old men in their dotage again dream the same old, always failing ME peace plan. Of course, it isn't the ME they are truly worried about. They tend to obsess on the one true secular, egalitarian democracy in the region - Israel.

It is weird to read this especially coming from the cat who got us into this mess to begin with. Baker, Scowcroft and other supposedly smart people are making a very real case for drug testing among former American statesmen.

A solution to the refugee problem that is consistent with the two-state
solution, addresses the Palestinian refugees' deep sense of injustice, as well
as provides them with meaningful financial compensation and resettlement

Does this include the true creators of Palestinian refugees? Egypt and Jordan should acknowledge their past failures of leadership with the Palestinian people. Failures like launching wars of aggression against a democratic member of the UN. And losing them. Then, cutting Peace deals with Israel - leaving their people stuck in misery in refugee camps for years, their failure to assimilate their own people into loyal, productive citizens.

The realists become even more unreal with this bit here;

In order to enhance Israel's confidence in the process, Arab states that
currently do not enjoy diplomatic relations with Israel should attend the

Shouldn't that read Arab states that currently do not enjoy diplomatic relations with Israel should officially recognise Israel as a Jewish state, establish embassies and exchange ambassadors?

A Real peace plan that offers real chances for success is easier than these seasoned vets of 'realism' would ever dare suggest.

Secretary Rice and Minister Livni must be thinking these tired old men, who have never produced peace, stability or security should be sweetly ushered out of the limelight and into Old Failures Home.

Realism's loser lobby is ready to lose again.


Right Truth said...

It really is like an old, old play that nobody liked in the first place, but we are forced to watch it over and over.

Right Truth

Roger W. Gardner said...

Great post as usual. We're living under the delusion that everyone really wants peace. Big mistake.

Hey Courtney -- why don't you submit an article to PG? They take reader contributions, you know?

Don't think about it too much, just do it.


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