Saturday, October 13, 2007

Death of the Mahdi Army v6.0

“Everything is changing,” said Ali, a businessman in the heavily Shiite
neighborhood of Ur, in eastern Baghdad, who, like most of those interviewed,
did not want his full name used for fear of being attacked. “Now in our area for
the first time everyone say, ‘To hell with Mahdi Army.’ “Not loudly on the street,
but between friends, between families. Every man, every woman, say that.”

Najaf, Karbala, Sadr City, Najaf again the Mahdi Army under their firey Iranian minion Moqtada Al Sadr hasn't really accomplished much - other than sucking Iran dry of cash, resources and volunteers . No caliphate, no theocracy and no driving out infidel occupiers.- Mookies 'Army' always had the unlucky knack of meeting up with hallowed names like"Old Ironsides" and "Rock of the Marne". These sons of the Great Satan ANIHILATE them, many times leaving their lifeless 'sha heed' bodies on the side of the road for a stranger to bury.
Now since he's either ran back to his mullah masters in Teheran or hopefully being very uncomfortable in the cluthces of Americans who have a gift for persuading misguided foes of the folly of their ways. Or, maybe he's in the perfumed halls of Allah with rivers of milk and honey and 72 little hotties.
Either way - the Mahdi Army is through. The NYT published this article and it does several things - It marginalizes Al Sadr, it confirms General Petraeus knows how to hammer an insurgency into the ground and it makes one wonder what the heck General Sanchez is talking about.