Friday, January 9, 2009

Freedom At Work CVN 77

She is a predator. She is sovereign American turf - anywhere in the world. Her range is global. She will cause friends to pause and reflect. She will make enemies tremble and encourage allies.

She is 90,000 tons of diplomacy. She is over a 1000 feet long. She carries nearly 100 aircraft that are the ultimate in air superiority, ground attack as well as search and rescue.

Her nom de guerre is "Freedom at Work"

And She is the last of her kind.

She is CVN 77, the last of the Nimitz class carriers. Actually - more like a Nimitz Plus with future electronics, avionics, radar, sonor and can bring enough hurt into theatre that is unprecedented.

She is the USS George
HW Bush - and she debuts today.

She is only the 2nd carrier to ever be named after a Navy fly guy - after USS Forrestal and is the 2nd to ever be named after a former President that is still alive.

Her Crest features the silhouette of a F18 Super Hornet bearing a Grumman Avenger WWII Navy multi purpose bomber (made famous by Rosie the riveter) that the youngest pilot in the Navy in 1944 flew at the desperate air raid on Chichijima.

19yo LT (Junior Grade) GHW Bush rode through devastating flak like the Avenger was on a railroad to Hell, literally shot to flames as he and his crew annihilated their target - the super sensitive enemy sensors located only a 150 miles away from the soon to be famous Iwo Jima.

Suffering severe damage the Avenger had to be ditched and GHW's two crewmen Radioman Second Class John Delaney and Lieutenant Junior Grade William White were lost.
50 stars signifying her Presidential bona fides and repping all of Great Satan's states encircle the crest as surely as She will encircle the globe.

Like Her namesake's volunteer spirit, service to something larger than self and determination that the mission will succeed.

She is CVN 77

Pic - CVN 77 Ship's Patch


Findalis said...

She's a beautiful ship. May God protect all who serve on her.

I understand that they are looking for a garbage scow to name for Clinton. A fitting choice in my opinion.

What is going to be the next class of carrier? The Bush class after George W. Bush?

TRUTH 101 said...

You sound like a clone of my own daughter girlfriend. Do you ladies just do stuff like this to drive your Dads crazy?

Debbie said...

She's something to be proud of, just like her namesake and like her country -- America the Beautiful and America the Free.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

OutOfTheBlue said...

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just started my own site. come see sometime and say hi.

Skunkfeathers said...

Now THAT is a good and easily-understood use of our tax dollars. Something that can kill terrorists ;) And a thing of military beauty to behold, too.

I second what Findalis said in his opening.

Jeff said...

You know, I can feel a little intimidation from a carrier named the USS George H.W. Bush. But can you imagine the USS Barack Obama? I'm guessing it will be a submarine...

Findalis said...

Wouldn't rowboat be better for Obama?

Van Zan said...


The future USS Barack Obama a submarine...?
Like the USS George Washington and the USS Abraham Lincoln? I think you might be right!

Khaki Elephant said...


I think I love her