Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sunset Strip

HAMAS' military fanboys claim to have halted a Little Satan advance in the Strip

"A spokesman for the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades told AFP
that fighters spotted an unspecified number of special forces trying to enter the Shijaiyah border neighbourhood of eastern Gaza City at around 1 am (2300 GMT Friday).

He said the fighters fired six mortar rounds at the Israelis, who returned fire with small arms and retreated. He said there were no casualties.

A spokesman told AFP the Israeli army was “not familiar with the
incident,” adding that no soldiers had crossed into Gaza since the beginning of Israel’s air campaign against Hamas on December 27."
This is significant and may be what military cats call 'probing' in tactical talk.
Recons like this can be used for a variety of purposes - check suspect positions or as a feint to draw attention to, oh, say the north 40 while slipping in the south 40 or a prelude to a full blown lo down ho down.

HAMAS' leader - safe as milk in a comfy lair far far away in Basharopolis from combat in the Strip exhorted a morale boosting exhortation to maintain the death cult fervor and not forsake the concept of fighting til the last drop of innocent blood has been shed
"I assure you that the military infrastructure is fine and that's
why the Zionists resorted to dropping leaflets on Gaza asking the people to direct them to rocket launchers."

Pic - Sunset Strip


Findalis said...

Today the big guns opened fire.

Hamas, being the thug gang that they are, have to boast that they did some sort of attack, since they are getting their ass whipped by the IAF.

Oh well, tomorrow they will have claimed to have killed a dozen Israeli soldiers. Maybe like the ones shot at in Denmark.

Findalis said...

Correction, Little Satan has had enough. Into Gaza with guns a blazing. Pray that all the men of the IDF return to their families safe and sound.