Monday, January 26, 2009

"Old Fashion Fascism Will Take It Away"

Way back in the last millennium, a very scary scary rock group hit the scene named Marilyn Manson (Unhallowed be thy name). Their break thru CD was freaky - and entitled "Anti Christ Super Star"

The 'single' that MM unleashed was called "The Beautiful People" and it is possibly the most stunning psychic reading of how illegit leaders, despots and tyrants conceptualize their right to rule supreme - above any law.

Hitlerian to the Nth - crunchy, marching jack boots, adoring crowds, and towards the end - a chorus chanting "HATE! HATE!" almost like crowds of rowdy Deutschers did at the 1936 NSDA Partie Tag Rallies in Nürnberg - a bombastic drum beat and electric guitars so dehumanized - they sound like machines. Creepy chimes, chants and visual b & w footage that seems almost like Dr Frankenstein meets 3rd Reich

"I don't want ya - and I don't need ya -Don't bother to resist or I'll beat ya"

Also features a line of lyric that reminds free nations that Louis XIV's declaration that the leader is the state and the state is the leader may forever be lurking around the corner for societies obsessed with pretty celebs and unbridled materialism right around the 2:00 minute mark.

"Capitalism - Has made it this way - Old Fashion Fascism will take it away"


Seane-Anna said...

I like "Disposable Teens" myself.

Khaki Elephant said...

Good call, GSGF

Rob Taylor said...

Being an old school metal head I was reqiured to shake my head ruefully in the 90s and mutter something about kids today. In hindsight I must admit Manson wasn't so bad. In some respects over rated but under rated in many ways because his fan base (through no fault of his) was the first "Hot Topic" crowd