Wednesday, January 28, 2009

KGB Gangstas?

When it comes to secret police, Russian Old school Collectivist Union's Комитет государственной безопасности - the Committee for State Security or the dreaded KGB surely stands at the top of the list. These cats secretly policed and purged Russian and vassal societies.

Actually, a reformation of the Czar's chekists, KGB was xformed into the Federal Security Service about the time Russia regime changed herself into the brief pre autocracy Commonwealth era.

KGB/FSB has nearly always been linked to assassinations - recently too - like ex KGB/FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko.

This is significant.

Especially so since Radio Free Europe reveals gossip about an unlucky 'hunting accident' in Siberia that killed off most of Vlad's hand picked President Dmitry Medvedev's staff.

"State Duma Representative Aleksandr Kosopkin; the deputy head
of the presidential-administration department on domestic affairs, Sergei Livshin; and Viktor Kaimin, chairman of the Altai Republic's Committee on the Preservation and Exploitation of Natural Resources."

Over the next few weeks, details of the incident began to trickle out. First, it was revealed that the men died while engaged in the "sport" of shooting at game animals with powerful rifles from the side of the helicopter.

Rumour has it this "sport" is hot! among Russia's ruthless rich and despite being technically illegal - organizing such shooting expeditions is one way Altai and other regions keep their budgetary needs near the top of the Kremlin's agenda.

The official version of the cause of the accident so far is "pilot error."

On January 20, "Moskovskaya pravda" published an article reckoning that the low-flying helicopter had been shot down by local hunters, who have been known to take potshots at poachers. The paper noted that choppers were shot down by rifle fire under similar circumstances when Soviet Russia was doing it to Afghanistan way back in the last millennium.


Art "Committee of State Gangstas"


Skunkfeathers said...

Boris and Ivan are out hunting with their faithful dog, Boogerski.

Boris: Look! Look! What a big bird!
Ivan: I've got it..*BLAM* Fetch, Boogerski!

*Boogerski drags back part of the tail assembly*

Boris and Ivan in unison: Oh Sh**ski! How do we stuff and mount THIS?


Seane-Anna said...

Hilarious narrative, Skunkfeathers!

Wonder how long before Obama's problems start dying in very convenient helicopter crashes?

Khaki Elephant said...

Nice point Seane-Anna. There are a suspicious number of former Clinton aids skulking around the White House again.

Karen said...

I was thinking along the same lines as others here - so Clintonian!