Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 Daze

100 Days into the 'New Era' is really not enough time to be able to develop an accurate pic of 44's Grand Strategy.

Yet, the pic that is developing proportionally seems, well, neither Grand or Strategic. Systematically it seems suspect and kinda dumb.

Let's review:

Supreme Leader totally disses 44's "hello vid" -- a message that admittedly did NOT mention 'regime change' -- or 'democracy' either. Far from unclenching the mullahs collective fist, Iran's enrichment Extenz swells up and trucks along at high speed while an innocent American girl is held hostage.

Sudan's illegit intolerant Field Marshall President for Life disses ICC criminal indictments, practices genocide on his own people and expelled humanitarian organizations.

Europa -- which supposedly was hot for 44 -- is not hot for ratcheting up sanctions on Persia or manning up to stand up in Af Pak land. NATO may unofficially be as dead as Uday and Usay.

Dear Leader test fired a live ballistic missile in a sales pitch (it may have been a bust - though not in Great Satan's favor), expells humanitarian orgs and suffers no consequences while holding innocent girls hostage.

Taliban is increasing power, influence and territorial control in Pakistan, surging almost to the gates of Islamabad -- even now in striking distance to Land of the Pure's super sensitive military industrial complex -- the massive Wah Cantonment at Rawalpindi.

Pakistan's military -- despite years of nothing but love from Great Satan bling wise -- seems frightened to engage Taliban in a real stand up fight.

Unfaithful? In fact, it could be said that one of the top 3 military beneficiaries of Great Satan for the last decade has significant support or sympathizers in PAK Army for the Taliban. Combat might force them to take sides.

The illegit regime in sunny sunny climes remains entrenched in Cuba, and tyrant lover, wanna be Pres for Life Hugo seems poised for another round of regional mischief-making.

Rowdy Red China disses Great Satan's navy in internat'l waters, lectures about pocketbooks and enjoys a human rights free environment.

Traditional and emerging allies such as Columbia, Taiwan, SoKo, Little Satan, Japan, Australia, and India are left wondering how much they still matter to Great Satan as 44 seemingly embraces, entertains and encourages frenemies and adversaries.

Talking Turkey without ever mentioning the "G" word -- atoning for sins of Manifest Destiny and equivicating Great Satan's American Exceptionalism while reversing nearly 2 decades of committment to maintain, develop and globally deploy a 30 years in the future fighting force.

100 Daze seems a systematic stall on a strategic level - - a roll back of democracy and democracy projection all around the world.

100 Daze advertises a scary underwhelming and not especially Exceptional future - - where Great Satan is neither feared nor loved.

Art - "The Truth" by Michael D'Antuono


Winston said...

linked in my blog. Good job!

Findalis said...

I give him a C-.

He needs improvement.

Seane-Anna said...

I give him an "F" for "Fuck you!!". Great post GSF!

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

W!nStOn - thanks for the link ove luv - much abliged.

Findalis - gracious and overtly kind?

Seane-Anna - (REDACTED)ing A!