Thursday, April 23, 2009


No surprise. The Swat Valley Peace deal to establish mohammedist jurisprudence in lieu of Pakistan's Writ of State - faithfully negotiated in good - if horribly misguided faith - has vanished faster than a viagra free swim meet.

Taliban conducted a victory road march through districts of Swabi, Malakand, and Mardan after conquering Buner and set up armed, choking checkpoints in Swat and Buner and along the roads that border Swabi, Malakand, and Mardan.

Interesting - Taliban may actually be providing Command and Control targets for the coming war in the Land of the Pure.

It is inevitable.

Land of the Pure's semi corrupt, semi legit parlimentary gov is left with two very combatives choices:

Either - allow intolerant, illegit, time traveling to devour the nation statelet - or fight.

"The difference is one of time and location. The Pakistanis either can fight now, seeking to limit the conflict to the Pashtun regions of the northwest, or wait to fight — while the jihadists move to strengthen their ability to strike in Punjab province, the heart of Pakistan."

"The state is being pushed toward taking action by both the deteriorating security situation at home and mounting pressure from United States. But it is not clear whether there is sufficient political will in Islamabad to go on the offensive."

Taliban will not lay down their weapons, nor will they stop fighting until sharia was enforced throughout all of Pakistan. War "will continue till the Day of Judgment." Demands that Pakistan shut down traditional courts and threatened lawyers that they would be punished if they tried to practice law in Swat.

Taliban also loves Great Satan's arch enemy - giving OBL a shout out to come and hang.


"Finally, it is the army that has to step forward and face the Taliban. It has baulked so far because of adverse public opinion and an equally lethal media tilt.

"But now that the politicians are waking up to the danger and the media is increasingly disabused, the army must end its India-driven strategy and try to save Pakistan from becoming the caliphate of Al Qaeda.

"In fact, Islamabad has to reach an understanding with New Delhi over the matter in order to get the army to mobilise in the numbers required.

"However, if this is not done, the people will have to fight the war on their own: What if the Taliban come and the army is not there to protect us?

"If we don’t accept it and fight the Taliban, then the world will have to come and fight it the way it thinks fit. "

Art - "Escape from Taleban" by "Kabuliwalla's Bangali Wife"


Raedwulf said...

I agree with you 100%
Do not forget the India card that was played in Mumbai resulting in Pakistani army troops being transferred to the Indian border.

Skunkfeathers said...

Utter, utter foolishness that smacks of self-destruction.

Either Pakistan awakens to the real threat -- the Taliban -- or it will succumb.

And India doesn't need a Taliban-controlled state on it's border, one with nukes.

High time for India and Pakistan to get some "mutual interest" blinders off, and take a no-holds-barred approach to the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Failure to get it right will have cataclyismic results that will ripple throughout the region. Badly.