Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nuclear Superiority Day!

It's time! It's Nuclear Technology Superiority Day in the Gay Free Land of Preacher Command.

Iran's Fuel Manufacturing Plant (FMP) located in Isfahan is most likely to be officially inaugurated on the national rejoicing day, the Iranian students news agency reported.

While unverified reports gossip that Persia actually has two tactical atomic weapons purchased at wholesale prices in early Russian Commonwealth era (a 1950's era atomic artillery shell and an old school 'dumb' bomb with a low, tactical type yield) Iran claims that nuclear energy and nuclear power are two different critters.

The mullahs hand picked Pres (up for faux re election in a faux election held soon), the fiery little rocketeer Ahmadinejad says the issue is 'closed'

"Recently, some of the westerners have announced that the Iranian nation could use peaceful nuclear energy but has no right to produce nuclear bomb. We tell them that the Iranian nation has never sought atomic bombs."

"The Iranian people believe that those who are stockpiling atomic bombs are politically backward, because the era of atomic bomb, threat, bullying and militarism is over"

Iran also claims that any reference to scary scary NoKo guy's recent missile fizzle and Iran's rocketeering are totally a freak accident - just like Syria hitting Tehran for consultations at the same time.

Iran may be making a big announcement this year on Happy Nuke Day.

Might be the ideal moment for Little Satan to make one too.

Pic "Nuclear Power is our Unalienable Right"


Skunkfeathers said...

I think Little Satan would be a perfect party crasher ;)