Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pyramidland Versus Hiz'B'Allah


Recently busting nearly 50 people in Egypt, President For Life Hosni's regime points out they were plotting "hostile operations".

They are accused of being involved in planning attacks, espionage, forging official documents, spreading Shia ideology, and preparing explosives.

Hiz'B'Allah's creepy body part collector General confirmed that one of the group's members was among those arrested. He admitted that Sami Shihab had been trying to get military equipment into Gaza.

But no way were they plotting to overthrow the gov! Alas, footage from his Dec 28th speech (included) could be said to have encouraged an indigenious overthrow.

HBA admits trying to estab a military supply line into the Strip - a left handed compliment to Pyramidland's endeavours to never let a girl diss them again for failing to maintain their own writ of State (Like Tzipi did)!

Funny though - no one mentions Little Satan's Sudan Strike in connection with yet another rocket rich rejectionist movement fed and funded by Iran.

MC Kamahl Santamaria is joined by Khalil Al-Anani, a scholar specialising in political Mohammedism and democratisation in the Middle East, Ahmad Moussalli, an Mohammedist movements expert and a professor at the American University in Beirut, and Hassan Nafaa, the chairman of the political science department at Cairo University and the secretary-general of the Arab Thought Forum in Amman.


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