Friday, April 10, 2009

Democrazies Unbound?

In the essential "Return of History" by daemoneoconic philosopher prince Dr Robert Kagan shares that the 'autocrazies' - unelected, unfree regimes - will tend to hook up, buddy up and stand up for each other.

The recent emergency free emergency meeting at UN concerning NoKo's oathbreaking in projectile launching is a good example.

Vladland's Foreign Minister - the semi avuncular Sergie Lavrov - openly wondered if any violation of UN Resolution 1718 actually occured.

China cried like a little girl on such a pretty pretty Sunday and pleaded against

"... any action which may exacerbate or complicate the situation further"

In fact - the only thing the emergency session could agree on was - well, another session.

This is significant.

As Great Satan's former UN cat (with like the world's largest mustache ever) the killer cool John Bolton pointed out that China bears a ton of burden as the sole supplicant of NoKo

"Real pressure has to be applied on China, which gives North Korea 80 to 90 percent of its energy and a substantial amount of its food and other humanitarian needs."

In addition to something not unlike malign neglect, Great Satan could unleash her posse.

Great Satan's Concert of Democracies - or more accurately - her League of Hot! Democrazies unbound - conducting their very own missile drills in NoKo's dangerous hood would be clever.

Nippon got game. Her petite Navy actually punches far above her weight class and as the 2nd largest contributor to the UN, a seat on the Security Council is not out of the question.

If Japan does take her place at le Council Securite' then look out!

Her skirt flirt with a pacifistic constitution would allow her to develop and deploy - world wide - a robust application of Japanese power.

Especially in her own backyard.

Same deal for SoKo.

Or Taiwan - specifically to remind Red China that any actions may excaberate or complicate the situation further.

Imagine Dr Rice doing her best Uncle Sergie impersonation, studying her nails as if they were the most interesting thing in all the world.

Unbinding the League of Hot! Democrazies allowing them free reign to act out so near Red China's hegemonic periphery would be very exciting - no doubt.

Just like NoKo.

Pic - "Come to think of it - SoKo and Nippon could really raise cane"


Jeff said...

My fear is that if we allow North Korea to keep going then Japan and S. Korea will feel forced to develop nukes as a deterent. I think our goal should be to avoid any type of nuclear arms race. The proliferation of technology and the fear of loose nukes could only become greater in that environment. So, we need to put a kibosh on Kim Jong-il. Great post. Love the "hot-democracies"--the picture of course.

Donald Douglas said...

You're crazy, you little neocon hottie!