Friday, August 28, 2009

Caught With Their Britches Down

Way back -- before Surge -- while Fallujah was starting to get fully crunk -- Iran's boy Elroy - the Mullah fed and funded Mahdi Army led by a soon to be jumped up Ayatollah -- the (gross) ever girthy and overtly robust Mookie al Sadr -- made a determined, armed effort to Xform part of Iraq into something not unlike a time traveling caliphate.

Mookie's place d'arms was an ancient mosque in the ancient city of Najaf.

As Great Satan prepped to shape the battle, she cleared out the surrounding environs the Bloody Aachen way .

Then, Great Satan's rowdy uparmored killing machine cats feinted with a few panzers, and it started raining RPGs. As the panzers pulled back -- psyching Mahdi Army's undisciplined combatants - the bulk of al Sadr's troopies surged out ward in a celebratory charge.

Just in time for a pair of orbiting F 16 Fighting Falcons to precisely laser guide a 500LB bomb right onto their heads.

Great Satan had just taken the 'Army' right out of Mahdi Army (v1.0).

Essentially -- Mookie and his Revo Guard military advisors were caught with their britches down.

Not unlike the howl and cry that "The Devil They Know" elicited from the corrupt, amoral cult of stability and their semi fanboy high priest.

While Dr Wolfowitz - the daemoneoconic avatar - correctly pointed out that realpolitik and her America cuz of 'realism' should really realistically focus on changing the nature of states (many with pitiful literacy rates, no free media and an ungodly penchant for gneder apartheid, tormenting their own people, their neighbors and often tend to attack any democrazy in weapons range) instead of cutting deals with known oathbreakers and hoping for the best.

Realists like Great and Little Satan hating Dr Stephen M Walt (again - "Taming American Power"?! -- who in their right mind would want that?) responded with an incredibly short sighted, desperate defense that alas really offers no defense!

"On the whole, Wolfowitz's discussion of "realism" in the Sept./Oct. issue of FP is about as accurate as his 2002 estimates about the troop levels needed to occupy Iraq and the overall costs of the war."

While decorum prohibits redoing tons of Dr Walt's weak, boring and inappropriate handwringing and woe is me diatribe about how Great Satan is totally queering the mix and ruining the world by taking on creeps, illegit regimes that fiddle about with WMD, overtly and covertly oppose Great Satan whenever they can.

"What do realists believe? Realists see international politics as an inherently competitive realm where states compete for advantage and where security is sometimes precarious. So, realists emphasize that states should keep a keen eye on the balance of power, which makes them wary of squandering blood or treasure on needless military buildups, ideological crusades, or foolish foreign wars."

"Realists cherish America's commitment to democracy and individual liberty, but they know that ideals alone are no basis for conducting foreign policy."

" They also understand that endless overseas adventures will inevitably provoke a hostile backlash abroad and force us to compromise freedoms at home."





So, America unbound - causes enemies to freak out? Sweet!

Great Satan and all her democrazy fanboys and girls worldwide should be totally proud of that!

And the realists -- were caught with their britches down.

Pic - "Astronaut Panties"


Peter said...

I wish I was a real smart guy like those wyho get published in the foreign policy tomes. Then I would know why it's smarter to sit around wondering what the bad guys are going to do next than to kill the bad guys.

The real smart people all seem to think that dead bad guys are somehow dangerous. I contend that dead bad guys are only dangerous if they're left out where the vermin can eat them and thus breed more vermin faster. The answer to that is burial or cremation. Oh, and kill the vermin.