Saturday, August 15, 2009

Spy Wars II

As Natan Sharansky pointed out in the essential "Case For Democracy," unfree regimes and (by dangerous extrapolation) non state and semi state intolerant militias and rocket rich 'Resistance Movements' (with an amazing ability to resist their own legit govs way more than any foreign hanky panky) need 2 things to hang on and hope for the best:

External Enemies - Like o, say - Great Satan - and her democrazy little sister - Little Satan.

And - Internal Enemies. Like girls, facebook, free choice, human rights - and spies -- real or imagined.

Like the rocket rich rejectionist control freaks in Hiz'B'Allah. Led by the creepy Body Part Collector General, HBA -- the most proficient killers and serial tormentors of Americans in history til 911 time -- recently stymied in Lebanon's electile dysfunction with yet another attempt to gain legitimacy while seducing a segue fusing a real nation state with an operational terrorist group.

So -- HBA is doing the deal about spies. Spies here -- spies there -- all working for Little Satan of course.

"Lebanese OTV network, owned by politician Michel Aoun, reported that the army had broken into a structure in Jabal al-Baruch in April and found equipment suspected of serving Israeli intelligence.

"The report said the army had intervened after receiving intelligence regarding an “illegal internet company” operating within its borders.

"The alleged discovery is the most recent victory claimed by Hezbollah in its current battle against what it claims are Israeli espionage rings operating in Lebanon.

"The organization also boasts the arrest of dozens of alleged spies, one of whom was recently sentenced to life in prison by a Lebanese military court.

Oh Snap! Illegal Internet Activities?

While it's true Little Satan recently used some kind of cyber chicanery to strike Syria's not so secret tender portions -- and the nigh instant severing of Internet landlines in Syria even outlawing Face Book made a good case -- most likely this is a fake believe incident designed to bolster slagging support for HBA at home.

Like General Sec's own facebook account.

Using Har Dov (Shee Bah Farms in Arabic) -- an after the show ho taken as righteous real estate booty back in the day -- as a very unconvincing raison d'etre for HBA's continued 'resistance,' collection of weaponry stocks and continued defiance of UN Reso#1701 (PDF).

8 square miles of contested turf (22 kilometers squared - 'bout the size of 4 Super Walmarts with attendent periphery retail spots) anywhere else on earth could be negotiated without militias -- though in a hood where 'honor' is often found betwixt a girl's legs - all bets are off.

Art - "Nasrallah is the cedar in our Lebanese flag, the master of us all" by Disturbingly Yellow


Peter said...

I know it's too late for us now that the War On Terror is over but while it was going on I do not understand why we didn't put cruise missiles through the bedroom windows of those sumnobeeches every night when they were trying to sleep.

Why there wasn;t a smart bomb coming down on the podium of every speech.

Pardon me for being a pore dumb redneck but I cannot figure out, for the life of me, why we have been waiting for their next strike since Sept. 12, 2001. Why aren't they trembling in their cellars waiting for our next strike, after one or two a weel for all those years?