Saturday, August 22, 2009

Spanky Ban Ki

Whoa! Vikinglander (Norway to be exact) Mona Juul, Norway's second-in-command at UN blistered Gen Sec Moon. Her not so confidential internal report for her country's foreign ministry, which is a major UN funder is significant.

In a memo, she castigates Ban for his lack of vision and leadership. She describes him as "spineless," a "passive observer" to the Myanmar situation, his work as "fruitless," and questions the damage that the semi avuncular "Nowhere Man" has accomplished.

And she didn't even mention Mr Moon's telethon for HAMAS using Syria's Terrorist Bank to launder the fundage.


" Burma is a shining example. There was no shortage of warnings that the Secretary-General should not go at this time. The Americans were among the most sceptical of him going, while the British believed he should. Special Envoy Gambari was also sceptical at the outset, but Ban insisted.

"Gambari noted that recent negative press had made Ban even more determined to visit Burma. After a seemingly fruitless visit by the Secretary-General, the UN's "good offices" will be made even more difficult.


"Another example of weak handling by the Secretary-General is the war in Sri Lanka. The Secretary-General was a powerless observer to thousands of civilians losing their lives and becoming displaced from their homes.

"The authorities in Colombo refused to see the Secretary-General while the war was ongoing, but he was heartily invited -- and accepted an invitation -- as soon as the war was "won." Even though the UN's humanitarian effort has been active and honest enough, the moral voice and authority of the Secretary-General has been missing.

"In other "crises areas" such as Darfur, Somalia, Pakistan, Zimbabwe and not least the Congo, the Secretary-General's appeals, often irresolute and lacking in dedication, seem to fall on deaf ears. Many would also claim that the handling of the investigative committee, following the war in Gaza, ended with an unstable and overly careful follow up.

"More surprising, and all the more disappointing, is that Ban Ki-moon has been almost absent on the issue of disarmament and non-proliferation. This was an issue he himself held forward as a principal area of focus before he took over his post.

Her conclusion kills!

"What all these examples have in common is that a spineless and charmless Secretary-General"

Art "Spanky my Ban-Ki"