Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Conditional Truce

It's true! Great Satan's blood sworn enemy al Qaeda has offered up a conditional truce.

AQ's cries for a time out are significant. Despite denying that OBL's own dear sweet boy was incinerated in a nasty surprise recently.

Truce or hudna -- is a loaded term in Mohammedist jurisprudence. Just check in with Little Satan some time for the track record.

Super villain evil Dr. al-Zawahri gives up the details for a cease fire:

1st off, Great Satan and her rowdy democrazy allies need to militarily unass mohammedist turf.

2nd - Stop all support for "apostate and corrupt" mohammedist regimes that don't share AQ's particular idea of -- well -- mohammedist regimes.

The evil Doc dissed 44 -- and compared the current thrashing AQ is suffering from drones gone wild as like unto being devoured by a ravenous beast.

Great Satan is

"...like a wolf whose fangs are ripping through your flesh and her claws grabbing your face and both are dripping with your blood, then she says stop your defense because she wants peace with you."


Pic - Mord Sith


Peter said...

I have an idea for a truce. Let's have a truce when the last of these sumnobeeches is dead.

I have another idea for a truce. We stop fighting. Then the next time one, or more, of these sumnobeeches attacks us or ours, we nuke a Muslim city. Say the first one is Tehran, the next time it's wherever Pakistan has it's nukes. From then on, it's random.

A few years back the left was screeching about nuclear winder. Well, I have an idea, let's avoid glow-bull warming with nukes. We don't nuke enough cities for a full scale nuclear winter, we just go for nuclear springtime.