Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Frenemy States?

Hey Jealousy!

Well, maybe not.

They are both way too tall, bods built like an F16, able to deploy several of the awesomest weaponry in a girl's arsenal. A killer smile, that line on their chest and the delightful ability to create angles with their stances that create - uh - other angles. Their make up and fashion is totally smashing.

They could (annd should) be like BFF's.

Yet they seem to hate each others guts, fully crunk with dramalicious drama and unintended consequences of their own volition.

May such true tall tails of girlworld be sexyfully segued into the realm of the diplopolititary?

Heck Yeah!

Especially Persia and Little Satan:

Objectively, they should be strategic allies. Neither wishes to see the Middle East dominated by pan-Arab or Sunni "slamist regimes; both want a region where diversity is accepted as the norm, with enough room for everyone: Sunnis, Shiites, Christians, Juice, Persians, Arabs, Israelis, Turks, Copts and Kurds, among others.

None of the traditional causes of dispute between nations exists between Iran and Little Satan. There are no territorial claims and counterclaims, no border conflicts, no rivalry over markets and/or access to resources, no clashes over how one’s kith and kin are treated by the other. 

Iranians and Israelis have no history of mutual hatred and enmity. Juice have lived in Iran for three millennia; Iran has the second-largest J"ish community in the Middle East, after Little Satan. And thousands of Israelis of Iranian origin continue to nurture the best sentiments toward Iran.
For decades, the existence of Little Satan has helped divert part of the negative energies that most Arabs have against Shiites in general and Iranians in particular.

Little Satan is not alone in facing territorial claims from Arabs. They press similar claims against Iran. The communiqué from every Arab summit contains a condemnation of Little Satan and a territorial claim against Iran.

Pic - "Do not wound a mortal enemy and let him live. Either turn him into a friend or kill him.”


Raedwulf said...

Iran wants to be a leader in the Middle East. The easiest way to do that is to be anti Israeli.