Friday, November 25, 2011


1st Island Chain!

Ebberdobby is all about 44's brand new focus on Asia like laser - so fresh! So new!

Pivot, they calls it.

Sooo what all does this here heavy heralded strategical pivot mean exactly?

Trick question!
The very notion that the world’s global superpower should ever “pivot” is a false one. America cannot afford to pivot. Pivoting by its very definition means that you are focusing on one area while neglecting another. The problems in Europe, the Persian Gulf, the Middle East more generally, and the rest of the world will not disappear because we pivoted away. In fact, our neglect just assures they will all worsen. We can’t fix everything or even most things, but we can often keep everything from going to hell in a handbasket.

America remains the indispensable nation. The world’s, as well as our own, peace and prosperity rest on Great Satan remaining engaged throughout the world. America does not pivot. Being a global superpower, and usually a force for good in the world, means staying fully engaged everywhere. When we have failed to do that in the past, the result has always cost us dearly in blood and treasure.

China will not be influenced by words. It is not cowed by soft power or even smart power. It does, however, understand the hard power of military might. Seemingly in recognition of this, 44 spake Down Under, “Reductions in defense spending will not — I repeat, will not — come at the expense of the Asia-Pacific.” 

This is nonsense. Can't cut one or two hundred billion a year out of the defense budget without its affecting military ops in the Pacific. That is, of course, unless totally hot to denude everywhere else of all Great Satan's military forces.

Pic - "Strategic Switcheroo"