Wednesday, November 23, 2011

P4 Versus Hiz'B'Allah


When the rocket rich Hiz'B'Allah's overtly robust (n xtra girthy) creepy Body Part Collector General creepily LOL'd last June about busting multi Great and Little Satan spy guys in Moqawama it was prett much ignored or dissed as HbA was needing to stay in the news in Arab World cause all that Arab Spring chiz was  - let us speak plainly here - queering the mix on the Little/Great Satans are the cause of all the worlds probs meme.

Course, nodobby spected Great Satan to formally hello any deets on the sitch aside from the Official Diss from Great Satan's Embassy in Leb
"These accusations are an attempt to deflect attention away from internal tensions in Hizballah."

See, Great Satan's Intell cats have been staring an organizational catastrophe in the face since last Spring when hot whispers and wicked gossip say spy recruits were framed not only in Leb, but also in Syria and Persia.
 "In April and May that a cell of 25 NATO agents in Syria were exposed, with 17 arrested. One fled to Dubai and three to Lebanon, but they were caught in Lebanon. In May of last year, the Iranian security ministry announced the arrest of a network of spies working for the CIA, including 30 Iranians." 

Aside from  Abu Muqawama's (the Good Abu - not the evil Abu Moqawama) somewhat wonderfully detailed and commented on After Action action and all the hot deets and big phazed cookies the lame stream is giving up bout the cost of Counter T ism - the real quiz is bout how P4 - the Surgin' General now at CIA - is gon extract righteous payback.

While it's true there is no state on state declaration of war betwixt Hiz'B'Allah and Great Satan - alas - no risible one liners about sucking up to 'moderate' Ss Totenkopf 3rd Reichers during WWII time are apropos - a bit of reflection should leap to mind.

Hiz'B'Allah's entire raison d'etre' is - it was created to run Little and Great Satan out of Lebanon eons ago. An Iranian fed and funded 'Resistance Auxiliary' that could project force and pressure in Persia's Near Abroad.

Thing is - since Little Satan unassed Lebanon's 'Blue Line' way back at the dawn of the New Millennium - Hiz'B'Allah has been way more adept at 'resisting' the legit gov of Lebanon than rocking up 'Divine Victories.'

And it's no clerical error that puts rocket rich rejectionists (led by the overtly robust Body Part Collector General) on Great Satan's Official Enemies list.

Hiz'B'Allah were the most proficient killers and serial tormentors of Americans throughout Cold War history til 911 time. Hiz'B'Allah owes Great Satan a blood debt that has no statute of limitations.

And it's not all ancient "Flock of Seagulls Era" concern either.

Hiz'B'Allah trained choice Mookie's Mahdi minions in Lebanon beginning in 2005. "Brother Commander" Mugahniyah himself hung in Iraq overseeing deployment, tactical considerations and advanced training.

Any American casualty in Iraq since then could very well be courtesy of Hiz'B'Allah.

The World's fully crunk with dangerous unfun, unfree rogue states such as Iran and NoKo, semi-hostile foreign intell cats such as Russia's and China's, and anti-American groups from Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence to Mexican drug cartels.

 Face it - if ever a list of enemies was drawn up that needed merciless attention unto death - Hiz'B'Allah is at the top of the list. 

Pic - "Given their record of bloodshed and hostility, the question is not whether Hiz'B"Allah should be stopped Courtney; it is how." 


As Starbuck noted at WoI - yours truly got to partake of the infamous Committee of 5's Iran Wargame @ that ancient Preysbsomething something school in Davidson ("Ain't no big deal - it's innocent"). Let's just say the cat that pretended to be HbA raised a heck of a lot of havoc, here to tell you. Catch all the after action action at Wings Over Iraq this weekend - prob starting on Tgiving Day