Monday, January 2, 2012

The Drones Of Schadenfreude

Fighting long-term wars against totalitarians and terrorists is always a difficult task for Western societies because such conflicts require the sort of resolution that is always bound to flag over time. There is always the tendency, especially among our intellectuals, to begin to reinterpret our enemies and to project our own values and interests onto their very different perspectives.

Zoom out of the Stripperlicious aspect of the above contentious comment and rezoom in on Great Satan"s Excellent Adventures ala Drones Gone Wild

In an excellent example of inappropriate boring assetted handwringing that is neither convincing or well thought out check this curious slanted trick statement:
The enormous expansion of drone operations has been a success in the narrowest sense of killing some bad guys. But it has come at an enormous cost: to our reputation, to our morals, to our relationship and status with countries we need to work with to contain and defuse terrorism, and in the lives of the many innocent people we've killed through either sloppiness or ignorance. 
Now nuance is a very fine thing - subtle perhaps.  

The counter to such curious concerns seems kinda clear. Drones Gone Wild actually enhances Great Satan's rep as the most high tech proficient humane killers of killers in world history. No diss meant yet get real - certainly far more better than doing a Dresden or going Grozny

Actually a prett cool embodiment of Great Satan's morals as well as her will power, staying power, fire power and brain power. As for relationships with frenemy nation states that may or may not seem particularly interested in maintaining Writ of State or status updates - the reverse is true.

It shows Great Satan is deathly serious, relentless and will never. Give. In. Smoking craters of dead terrorists kinda sorta make the point that human shielding doesn't preclude  'containing' or defusing t ism

In ancient Teutonic tonguing - schadenfreude is a kinda nounish verby term roughly meaning to take delight in the woes of others.

Kinda like the LOLs that worrying about the wrong thing often bring.

Pic - "Challenging Some Fabrications"


PacRim Jim said...

More disturbing than the flagging of resolution abroad is the irresolution when confronted with domestic opponents of American values.
America qua America can survive the former; not the latter.