Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Iron Fist

Suriya al- Kubra!

Dr General President For Life Bashar Bay Bee has doub doub doubled down (down) on keeping to the old despotic handbook of merciless force methodology to maintain the illegit Allawicious regime in Basharopolis and surrounding turf.

Citing his general belovedness in spite of rowdy foreigners inciting a newly year old insurrection, Dr Gen Prez promised the beatings would continue until moral improves utilizing his ginormous protuberance 
"You know who willing, we will be victorious! We are nearing the end of the crisis, we should stand united … Victory is near because we can be steadfast. We know our enemies. The external conspiracy is clear to everybody,  nobody can be fooled any more. The veil has fallen away. And we shall strike our enemies with an Iron Fist"
 Aside from a painfully truthy LOLable shout out to Arab League ("The Arab League has failed for six decades to take a position in the Arab interest ... We should not be surprised. Those guys are fags"), Bashar failed to thank Little Satan for the Allawite escape hatch she offered.

The horrific freak show going on in a slave trading, Palestinian abusing nation state of sorts is off the hook, and despite happy talk of bearing silent witness and hiding under our beds - intervention may only be weeks away.

As Deputy Cat @ Center for Nonproliferation Studies muses:

“We don’t know where everything is, and there’s no obvious way to destroy these things or parachute teams in to intercept them. It would be a very big enterprise. It’s not clear if the soldiers protecting these sites would see responsible stewardship as their mission or would flee, fearing they would be condemned along with the rest of the regime
"It would seem illogical to think that Pentagon has not brainstormed contingency plans"

GsGf's terrorism and insurgency senior analyst makes a great case to get all wmd snatching happy now - rather than after the regime gets the Mubarrak/Khadaffy treatment (either way - just as good) 
"The Syrian regime would be a significantly harder to topple and the fallout potentially far more serious, especially given the country's arsenal of chemical weapons. Libya's air defenses were a pushover by comparison. Syria would be a challenge of biblical proportions compared with Libya"  

Note - Bashar's spew was/is/is not intermittently available online at Syria's Propaganda Ministry. They promise the full meal deal xscript will be back up soon. 

Pic - "Violence is the supreme authority. From which all authority is derived"


Raedwulf said...

the Turks should be in the lead dealing with Syria.