Monday, January 16, 2012

Events That Happen Unnaturally


"Hey! How long til you look at your life - "stead of looking into mine? I didn"t steal your BF!!"

Little Satan's Chief of Staff sexes it up in a language that ebberdobby here can easily understand:
"2012 will be a critical year in the connection between Iran gaining new clear power, changes in leadership, continuing pressure from the internat"l community and events that happen unnaturally."
Talk talk talking bout the recent rash of unnatch chicanery afflicting Preacher Command's hot pursuit of hot regional (for now!) puissance ala l'bombe new clear.

All the other kids know bout those mayhemic moto scooter cats with their especial magnetic satchel charges affixing themselves to vehicular borne Sci guys. 

Zoom out of alla moral outrage, moral equivalency or just old school creativity and czech the bigger pic.

For like forever now - especially recently - the internal security of Iranian has been propagandizing Spy Busts of the Week. Catching all kinda spy rings - and even possible anti regime proxilicious Jundallah cats.

Yet the message Preacher Command is signaling is LOLable - sure, they can catch foreign peace mongers trying to collect intell - yet are Epic Failing to you know - protect their scientists and preclude deathly sabotage re: their tender, sensitive portions.

Essentially Internal Sec is unable to do the first gig on securing their innards in the first place. 

January 2012: Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, supervisor at Natanz Uranium Enrichment Facility, is killed by car bomb in Tehran.

November 2011: Gen. H"san Moghaddam was killed with 16 other Guard members and NoKo rocketry experts at Bid Ganeh Revo Guard Aerodefense (R&D) base.

November 2011: Secretary of the Expediency Discernment Council/ex Supreme Commander Revo Guard M'Shen Rezai's son Ahmad got whacked at Gloria Hotel in Dubai under "suspicious circumstances"

July 2011: Darioush Rezai, a physicist and university lecturer, is shot to pieces in Tehran.

November 2010: Two car bombs target two physicists, both involved in Iran's new clear programme - Majid Shahriyari is killed while MaFereydoun Abbasi-Davani is wounded. Iran blames both Little and Great Satans.

January 2010: Massoud Ali-Mohammadi, a new clear scientist, is killed by a car bomb in Tehran. Anti-state activists say he was targeted because he supported opposition figure Mirhossein Mousavi, but the gov only said the Tehran University lecturer did not work for its new clear  programme. 

June 2009: Shahram Amiri, a lecturer at Malek Ashtar University (closely connected to the Revolutionary Guard) said he was kidnapped in Saudi Arabia. He claims he was transferred toCONUS and enticed "to spread lies" about Iran. Great Satan LOL'd it - saying Amiri was in America of his own free will. Amiri returned to Iran in July 2010. 
February 2007: Although not a sci guy, the disappearance of Ali Reza Asgari in Turkey was reported by the UK's Guardian to have been the result of a CIA plot targeting Iran's new clear programe. Asgari had held a number of high-profile posts, including general of Revolutionary Guard and a dep dep deputy cabinet minister of former President M"hammad Khatami. 

Preacher Command can freak out and blame foreign adversaries - yet truth is - it's their own ppl acting out in concert to stymie the regime.

 Pic - "Plz stop telling all your friends - Imma getting sick of them - always staring at me like I took'em from ya"