Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Friends Of Syria

Suriya al- Kubra!

See, Syria - like Little Satan - punches far above her weight class in diplopolititary deals.

 Instead of cool stuff like Hooters, literacy rates off the charts or creating advanced avionics - Bashar Bay Bee follows poppa Assad's script utilizing asymmetrical assets creating a slave trading Syria, abusing Palestinians as a strategic minority resource, literally bombing an Arab sister's political cadre out of existence, fiddling about with new clear WMD witchcraft, hanging with the most wanted terrorists in the world while maybe or maybe not enabling official enemies like Hiz'B'Allah with wmd delivery systems and frightened of Facebook. 

Now that the illegit Allawicious regime has been fighting a bloodier, meaner Battle of Tienanmen Square for a while now (and co opting the Friends Of Syria wordpress thingy)- the sirens of Syrialicious Interventionus Maximus are sweetly sirening. 
 “If the Assad regime refuses to allow this life-saving aid to reach civilians, it will have even more blood on its hands. So, too, will those nations that continue to protect and arm the regime. We call on those states that are supplying weapons to kill civilians to halt immediately"
 Whoa! Friends of Syria indeed - Madame HRC scores a glancing hit off of Commonwealth and Collectivist China - that have twice queered the mix on UN actionable action and activity at the dysfunctional UN. Reports that Russia has restocked and resupplied Bashar Bay Bee along with Persia - even unverified gossip that Hiz"B"Allah is reverse engineering supply methodology with their Syrian patrons.
"It's quite distressing to see two permanent members of the Security Council using their veto while people are being murdered - women, children, brave young men - houses are being destroyed. It is just despicable and I ask whose side are they on? They are clearly not on the side of the Syrian people."

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2012/02/24/3449467/friends-of-syria-vow-support-for.html#storylink=cpy
 Pic - "A critical factor is the concentration of power in a single family, political party, and religious sect.