Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Clear No No"s

Ahhhh, ebberdobby knows the ancient meme -

"...Well, look - she has her own ride, cell and apartment so why can't i?"

She also has an incredibly high GPA, a full time gig and often does gigs for others through school and church with an amazing variety of non profit charities too - instead of wasting her substance in riotous living, luv.

Such immortal truths should be applied to Persia's hot hegemonic new clear lustful lust too.

See, beleaf it or don't - some cats in diplopolitiary discourse au courant deign that since other cats are amped up with new clear weaponry - why cause Preacher Command should be denied neutronic naughtiness?

Ooohh! Pick me!! Pick me!!

That type of amazingly brazen uncritical thinking is easily LOL'd via Strauss' iconic "Which one of these things is not like the other?"

Consider: One of the nation/states often decried as a raison d"etre for martyrlicious mayhemers, Barbie and girl hater Persia to get dosed up beyond repair ala atomic arsenals.

Yes, yes and yes. Little Satan has new clear weaponry with a fun to be with new clear ambiguity (ain't no telling what all could happen captain if rowdy intolerant neighbors try again to sortee conscript inf, panzers and combat jets to try and annihilate her in old school set piece battles)!

So what?

Little Satan also has a tolerant, egalitarian society with a penchant for periodic, transparent elections, a free uncensored press, a nat'l treasury under public scrutiny, a military under civie control, an independent judiciary under elected gov oversight and the ability to enforce Writ of State with a literacy rate off the charts. 

See -
 The danger is not the bomb per se, but rather who has it. Most of us do not worry about a democratic Britain, France, India, or Little Satan possessing nuclear weapons. The fright instead is over a Communist authoritarian China, an unhinged North Korea, an unstable Pakistan, or an unstable Russia having nuclear weapons. 
Transparent democrazies ain't the problem. They are the most reliable new clear guardians; non-transparent autocrazies well, not so much. If Australia, Nippon, SoKo, Taiwan or Canada get hot to go new clear, few privately would care; if cats like Cuba or Zimbabwe get hot to go there, everyone would publicly care. 
 It is always wise to limit the nuclear club, given the chance of accident or change of government; but wiser still to limit the non-democratic nuclear club.

 Soooo how do all these rules apply to Iran? 
Persia knows that she has enough natural gas for over a century of electrical-power production. She builds nuclear facilities only to gain prestige, expand its influence beyond what she otherwise would be, and engage in blackmail — always exaggerating the pace of her nuclear acquisition to convince potential preemptors that she may already have the bomb and therefore will retaliate in nuclear fashion. 

Likewise, Preacher Command believes  that the loonier and more suicidal it sounds, the more likely other countries are to grant concessions — successful states cannot afford to wager all that they have created on the likely hunch that a failed state like Iran is bluffing. 

If Great Satan and new clear NATO cannot guarantee our allies deterrence from a nuclear Iran, then they will find a way to obtain it on their own — whether through preemption in the case of Little Satan or through nuclear acquisition in the case of the Gulf monarchies. Finally, Iranians understand the importance of knocking out an enemy’s nuclear facility — not least because they were the first ones to try it themselves.
30 September 1980: 2 Iranian Phantom jets, part of a larger group of aircraft attacking a conventional electric power plant near Baghdad, also bombed the Osiraq reactor. Minor damage to the reactor was reported.

Pic - "If you don't dig how Iran acts out now - just wait'll she be all new clear unbound!!" 


Anonymous said...

what is seldom noted: if Iran gets nukes, then the Saudis and Egypt will go feel the need top get their own