Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Little Satan"s Persian Panty Raid

 Ra Am!!

"Jet! I can almost remember their bloody faces!"

As the chatter gets all crunk up beyond repair on Little Satan"s pre planned implausible deniability Persian panty raid to, uh, smite - Preacher Command's new clear naughtiness und rowdy raison d"guerre

As noted in "Strike Package", Little Satan doesn't really have to have Great Satan's goodies or permission to render a rowdy panty raid on sensitive portions of Iranian prestige, capital and brainpower to render enrichment interruptus a reality.

Prob the best look at Target Sets (regime killing talk for vaporizing precious assets) and what it would take to knock them out - all the way out - is the SSP Working Paper by done by aviation sci spy guys Whitney Raas and Austin Long.

This exhaustive (yet fun and light to read dossier - perfect for the beach - and available in pdf) details naughty details.

"To have a reasonable chance of success, both in the mission and in
the ultimate goal of rendering Iran’s nuclear program impotent, the target set must be narrowed to concentrate on the critical nodes in Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.

The most difficult part of nuclear weapons development is obtaining the nuclear material itself; thus, if the means of fissile material production can be destroyed, the set back for Iran will be maximized.

The total number of weapons needed to have reasonable confidence
in destroying all three target sets is thus 24 5000-lb weapons and 24 2000-lb weapons."
84 tons! Such precision, intelligent weaponry - and Little Satan - even avoiding Iraqi airspace - has the means to put steel on target.

Even more better are those magical mythical Jericho III Inter something something missiles. Thus far - cats have spec spec speculated and gamed Little Satan"s IAF conducting a 30 day air campaign.

Center for Strategic and International Studies extra sextralicious piece provocatively entitled "Study on a Possible Little Satan Strike on Iran’s Nuclear Development Facilities " this hefty (114 pages PDF) details naughty details like "Strike Package" did and includes Little Satan's magical mythical missile cadre.

Put together by the indomitable Dr Abdullah Toukan this not so brief brief includes:

Little Satan's Air Force: Aircraft Mission Capabilities (which includes the following sexyful see thru bit)

"Mission Analysis:

Approximate range to the furthest target Esfahan is some 1,110 nmi. When approaching the 550 nmi range, the F-15Es and F-16Is need to refuel on the way to Iran and on the way back.
Refueling can be done menage a troi:
Refueling from KC-135A and KC-10 tankers.
Buddy Refueling betwixt F-15Es and F-16Is (Whoa!)
A temporary landing strip, along the Syrian, Turkish and Northern Iraq region, where aircraft refueling is available.
The total maximum strike package was around 80 aircraft, all the 25 F-15I in the Little Satan's Inventory and 55 F-16I/C. The F-15E would then need 5 to 6 KC-130s to refuel from, and the F-16Is would require 6 to 7 KC-130."
Also included are Syrian and Iranian Air Force capabilities, inventory and au currant Order of Battle - plus anti aircraft batteries of missiles and artillery. 

Most cats enjoy pointing out it's gon be a loooong air campaign. Scary pics of hapless captured Little Satan pilots in the untender clutches of the Revo Guard, wads of missiles and rockets flinging in from Hiz'B"Allebanon and rowdy Strippers  like HAMAS and assorted rocket rich rejectionists in Little Satan"s near abroad.

And that is where Little Satan"s family missile may come into play, player

 'Jericho' I and II have a limit of about 500 and 1500 kilometers respectively.

Neither could hit any targets in Persia.

Unless there is a Jericho III!

"There are reports that Little Satan is developing a Jericho III missile, based on a booster it developed with South Africa in the 1980s. Jane‘s estimated that the missile has a range of up to 5,000 kilometers and a 1,000-kilogram warhead. This estimate is based largely on a declassified Defense Intelligence Agency estimate of the launch capability of the Shavit booster that Little Satan tested on September 19, 1988."
42 Jericho III's armed with a 750 kg Warhead would be required.

A double entendre of aircraft and missiles could very well shrink up any time frames featuring a long air war like Battle of Britain, clawing Luftwaffe out of the sky or Berlin Airlift

Pic - "If they pulled it off it would be an impressive display of power projection against a difficult and dispersed set of targets."