Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bold Alligator

Bang Your Head!

" a razor - got a mouth like an alligator..."

Alligator Mississippiensis 'death rolls' in combat not unlike Sugar Daddies in the courting phase - short bursts of incredible speed, a mouth full of sharp sharp pointy teeth that can uh, devour, small prey and hauling off worthy booty to stash in a climate controlled environment for later, thorough enhanced observation/exploration of tender, sensitive portions.

Can such animalistical ascertainment get all asymmetrical RE: Great Satan"s Hot! Hyperpuissant Combatty chiz? 


Forward from the Sea is way more than a catchy hello to weave and wave - like the aforementioned Sugar Daddy Gators - Great Satan continues to put the amp in amphibbing bay bee.

See, the Teufel Hunden only Operation Dawn Blitz gets crunked up beyond repair in a shamelessly sexyful strike whee hearsal session with Great Satan's multi services and allied gators storm beaches b!tches!

Bold Alligator 2012!! 

“This exercise deals with large numbers of small-boat threats, irregular threats, not easy to identify in the complex battle space, which could be used to describe just about the entire Persian Gulf, The exercise deals with both regular and irregular threats, as well as with shore-based cruise missiles!!"
“When we constructed the scenario, we put it against what we called a moderate force, or a medium force with moderate ability, who denies access into theater and actually on land. And we did that purposely because of the force that we’re exercising, so it’s not patterned after any contingency planning, if you will.”
Oh yessir! Dang sho will!!

Leathernecker GEN Hejlik puts steel on target
Indeed, despite the fact that large numbers of Marines have been committed to the fight in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last decade, our Navy-Marine team  has been regularly conducting amphibious operations around the world.  From providing aid to flood-ravaged Pakistan, to strike operations and a successful TRAP in Libya, ARG-MEUs continue to operate from the sea, across the range of military operations, all over the world.
 In today’s world, the Navy-Marine Corps team must remain capable of gaining access to an operational area and projecting and sustaining a sizable landing force ashore. We have the legislated responsibilities to be able to conduct these operations, and we certainly must be ready to do so beyond the ARG-MEU level where we routinely operate today.

Admiral H agrees
Executing these operations successfully, as we’ve done so many times in our history, will always, repeat always, rely first and foremost on our ability to operate and fight as a Navy-Marine team. We’ve fought alongside each other for over 236 years – from the first Navy-Marine landing at Nassau in 1776, to the many amphibious assaults during WWII to the game-changing landing at Inchon in 1950 – this operation is certainly not new for us; in fact, it’s at the very core of who we are as Sailors and Marines (One Team, One Fight!).

GsGf"s Teufel Hunden Aviation advisors sex up the in air action along with Navy friends too off the coasts of Virginia, Noth Cackalackey and Florida til almost St Valentine"s Day!!

With seaborne heart breakers from France, the Eyetyes, Canada, Great Britain, Down Under Yonder, Nederlanders, Hispania, New Zealand (way more hotter than Oldzealand)  and unverified gossip hints even Little Satan has some observers checking out all the extra textralicious high seas hi jinkery - Bold Alligator 2012 reminds lottie dottie everbody:

Great Satan created the modern world. And she knows her way around.

Pic - "Courtney, build your understanding of amphibious operations history, doctrine, and tactics — then grow it.  This is what we are about, and what our Nation needs us to be."


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