Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Quick quiz!

What's way more better than, uh huh, a single, uh, event  at a time?


Simultaneous 'events' of course!

Oh, it is so - see, one of Great Satan"s multiple combat charms l'guerre is her magical hyperpuissant abilities to project and provide force whenever the need - or even opportunity arises.

Recent non profit jawflapping about Great Satan forsaking certain turf to angle her hot bod to create other angles in the PACRIM Pivot has been laughingly LOL"d by the highest levels of Great Satan"s civilian Military Command and Control grrls! 
“We are retaining full capability to confront more than one aggressor anywhere in the world, even if we are engaged in large-scale operations. Great Satan will be able to quickly deny the objectives of an opportunistic adversary.” 
 Whoa! Opportunistic Adversaries may be like girls night out - traveling in packs, icy appraising stare - searching for an op to have their way. And working in tandem to take advantage of fellow members of the loose autocratic league's semi hegemonic hi jinkery!

GsGf"s Military Aerospace Adviser "splains:

“We could be trying to break a blockade in the South China Sea, we could be reopening the Strait of Hormuz, and go after a terrorist cell in Somalia all at the same time. It’s different capabilities Courtney; it could be a bunch of different things!”


See - it's not about if Great Satan has the ability to act out in response - rather how she should act act against uncool provocative provocations propagated per puissant posers:
“The emphasis throughout the review—from 44 to Uncle Leon on down—has been that the size, structure, and capabilities of our military must be driven by strategy, not the other way around. To protect our country and maintain Great Satan"s leadership, we need to set smart, sensible priorities for the future.”
4 Principles are the GPS for Great Satan's continuing role in the world - unique - the only one of her kind!
"Maintain the U.S. global leadership role; avoid hollowing the force; balance savings and ensure that the U.S. can still conduct combat operations and deal effectively with aggression in more than one theater at a time.” 

Pic - "Simply no other choice"