Sunday, September 21, 2008


The ever avuncular and nigh indestructable cardiac wise original Vulcan gangsta Regime Changing VP Cheney hit Hillbillyland Friday to tour again hallowed ground.

Way back in the last millennium, as the most uncivil war raged across, through and all around Chattaboogie - the VP had blood kin that fought at the bloodiest battle of them all. The VP has peridoically visited Chickamauga Battlefield and hit the hood for the 145th Anni and recreation.

By 1863, Confederacy was in a terrible bind - 4 July saw the loss at two diff battlefields hundreds of miles apart - decisive disaster on two fronts. One at Gettysburg and one at Vicksburg.

Chased out of Tenneesee, Confederacy deployed her all stars like Hood, Longstreet and Bragg to delay, repel and defeat the Yankees long enough to draw one last time on the war weary reserves of Dixie.

Confederacy desperately needed a prestige victory.

Turning several square K of pure heaven into pure heck for three days, Confederacy fought one of the first modern battles tactics wise at Chickamauga.

Both sides were lined up - Confederacy facing west and Union facing East through thickets, woods, hills and dells the line was drawn, reserves were available and everbody knew if Confederacy couldn't stop Union here - she probabaly never would.

Thanks to a goofy screw up in communiques, Yankee generals pulled a brigade out of the line to plug an imaginary gap to the north. General Longstreet threw his entire corps through the gap, shattering Union lines, annihilating and enveloping the Yankee left flank.

The rout was infectious and broken units fled back to Chattaboogie, while others fought to the death. Advanced weaponry was in play at Chickamauga - like Colonel Wilder's 'Lightning Brigade' - horse infantry - freshly equiped with the world's first repeater rifles.

These cats kept the air alive with hot lead for over several hours and probably saved the Union army from a defeat far worse than the battlefield could have or should have delivered.

In von Clausewitz's must read doctrinaire "Vom Kriege" (On War for the English speaking) instant follow up is critical.

Every instinct will cry out to the commanders for pause, rest - refreshment.

"Once the great victory is gained, the next question is not about
rest, not about taking breath, not about considering, not about reorganising, etc., etc., but only of pursuit of fresh blows wherever necessary, of the capture of the enemy's capital, of the attack of the armies of his allies, or of whatever else appears to be a rallying point for the enemy. "

General Bragg choose not to pursue the Union - he later led a slow leisurely siege of Union at Chattaboogie which only served to lengthen the war until Union busted out and fought non stop to Atlanta - where General Sherman debut'd the concept of Total War licking Georgia's peach clean till she begged him to hit South Cackalacky who had started the entire sorry mess to begin with.

Perhaps the VP wanted to visit again sacred soil - shed red with the blood of Americans fighting Americans putting paid to slave trading states rights, where his own blood line fought against bad odds and remarkably survived with a battlefield commission.

As one of the original Vulcans - a key belief is that nothing is ever truly random.

Most likely VP Cheney needed one last time as VP to tour, reflect and pay tribute to the field of battle where a war that was almost won was almost lost.

Battle of Chickamauga by Rocco


Findalis said...

Thank you for reminding us of that battle with such vivid language. The South could have won the war if they had just pursued the North and totally defeated them. This is the lesson from that battle, never withdraw when you are given victory. Take charge and destroy the enemy.

A lesson for then and for today.

Ottavio (Otto) Marasco said...

Great post, mostly though, thanks for the learning ...