Thursday, September 18, 2008

Try And Stop Us

JCS's chaircat Navy Admiral Mike Mullen trekked to Islamabad (NPI!) to read the riot act to the newly democratically elected cats in the Land of the Pure.

Essentially - Afghanistan is probably about as good as it's going to get unless Pakistan's No Go zones are magically xformed into kill zones. Like a corrupted MP3 file (broken record for last millenniumists) the beat on repeat is a slow bleed. Every winter things die down, every spring and summer action heats up.

Admiral Mike says

"These two nations are inextricably linked in a common insurgency
that crosses the border between them."

This is significant. Search for "Pakistan Cease Fire" sometime. After 7 years, Pakistan is still fighting the most retarded type campaign since Ba'Athist Iraq tried to refight the Battle of Moscow in 2003. Pakistan's military - after years of nothing but love from Great Satan seems to fire up a campaign just in time to declare a cease fire - cut a few deals - suffer intolerant violence - often aimed at innocents and the entire sorry process gets re crunk.

And for what? For some magical no go tribal zones?

Great Satan obviously stepped up the missile strikes and honestly took into consideration the PR about innocent civilian shielding being deployed by Afghani Taliban, Pakistani Taliban and Al Qaeda intolerants.

The ever adaptive, ever ingenius military op cats plotted a snatch and grab on a few desired jerks and Pakistan military alledgedly opened fire - giving cred to a Pakistani General's caveat that Land of Pure allowed violations of her precious, sovereign turf from only Talibans or Al Qaeda. The same cats they've cut deal after deal with. The same cats who routinely attack their own citizens.

Great Satan actually crossing the border is a very nice way to head things off and soothe tension.

Vikram Singh at Center for a New American Security explains

"With a raid, you are less likely to inflict significant civilian
casualties, which has been a major problem. Also, with a raid, you are more likely to be able to have more intelligence collection come out of an operation. That is to say, you can capture, rather than just kill."

Since Pakistan backed off of her General's tacit admission that Taliban in Afghanistan gives the Land of the Pure "Strategic Depth" for that great battle with India one day, Great Satan has resumed missile strikes.

Fair enough -
"We don't know what happened on that aircraft carrier 10 or so days ago in the Indian Ocean, where all of our senior top military brass met all of their senior top military brass. But, you know, the timing is -- the timing is interesting."

True that. Just like those recent missile redux strikes.

Right now not much if anything is known about that covert tete' a tete'. Most likely Great Satan's regime changers pointed out that Land of the Pure's largest foreign aid donor is probably not too concerned with religious fatwas or opinions, feelings or thoughts of ineffective militaries that cannot control their own borders or maintain their state's monopoly on violence.

Instead, perhaps - Land of the Pure should carefully consider what the opinions, feelings and thoughts of Great Satan are.


Skunkfeathers said...

If the Pakis won't moderate their own border from the riffraff, step aside and we'll git 'er done.

Debbie said...

Excellent article. Wouldn't you love to have been a little fly on the wall of that big meeting? Me too.

I'm emailing you something.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Findalis said...

skunkfeathers said it best. We go where we want to and we get the job done.

Buffoon said...

But if we practice stead fast diplomacy and offer the hand of cooperation and aid to the Tali's surely they would lay down arms and come out of the caves for a nice waffle breakfast right?

It must be so if Obama said it right?

damned Great Satan....