Friday, September 19, 2008


While looking for Iranian reaction to Tzipi's primary win in Little Satan - ran across this interesting bit in Preacheropolis.

"Deploying Arab forces in Gaza will only serve Israel: Larijani. Tehran Times Political Desk

TEHRAN – Iranian Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani on Wednesday condemned a proposal to deploy Arab forces in the Gaza Strip.

“This move is (aimed at) ensuring the security of Israel, not at restoring the rights of the oppressed Palestinian nation,” Larijani told an open session of parliament A plan has been proposed by some Arab states, led by Egypt, to deploy Arab forces in the Gaza Strip, allegedly to end clashes between rival Palestinian factions, mainly Hamas and Fatah.

Various Palestinian groups have vociferously rejected the idea, saying itis a new plot meant to perpetuate the Israeli occupation and undermine the Palestinian resistance.

Last week, Laijani had a telephone conversation with Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniya to discuss the issue. Haniya criticized the Arab League for pursuing the interests of the Zionist regime rather than Palestine’s during the phone call. "

Ali Larijani-- may be one of Ahmadinejad's opponents in next year's presidential campaign--is sending a very clear signal to the Arab world.

1. Iran doesn't dig Little Satan's plots to conspire against Palestine, and

2. a warning about any hooked up Arab alliance against Persia's Arab allies will be regarded as uncool.

Islamic Republic has always been eager and willing to voltiguerre mayhem and destabilization as regional projection - every since she was born in Revolution.

Kevin Sullivan points out why this may be significant.

"Such a joint-Arab action on the part of Arab states, theoretically, could lay the foundation for a regional defense force. Worse yet for Tehran, if said force proves itself adept at maintaining stability in the region, the model could then be applied elsewhere (Iraq or Lebanon anyone?). "

"As long as Iran can keep regional focus on the Israelis, it makes their mischievous behavior in Palestine and beyond a little more tolerable.

"Hamas and PIJ, from an Arab state perspective, can target Israelis as much as they'd like. However, once those Iranian surrogates start exchanging fire with Arab forces in Gaza, the whole dynamic alters.

Think this is farfetched? Keep in mind, one of the driving forces behind last year's Annapolis conference was the regional concern over a more ambitious and hegemonic Iran.

If Arab nations find the ability to join forces and address the Palestinian crisis, it might weaken Iran's standing in the Middle East. "

"Bringing Down the House in Gaza" by bRoZ


Skunkfeathers said...

If the Arab League is prepared to grow a brain and a spine -- saying no to terrorism, both extremist and Persian-based -- then it'd be rather amusing to watch them thumb their collective noses at Tehran.

Findalis said...

The Arab league will never stop trying to destroy Little Satan. It is their main goal and sending its troops to Gaza will only help Hamas and Fatah. It will not stop the attacks on Little Satan.

Send American troops and tell them to fire at will on those who attack them (a surge for Gaza) and that will do it.