Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sarracuda Weaponized Eyecandy

Whoa! Sarracuda!

Toting weaponry in a Great Satan bikini - Governor Sarah eyecandy.

Fake pic - totally Dr'd up.

A case could be made that it's entirely, spiritually correct though.


Debbie said...

I don't think I've ever seen a fake photo get around the internet as fast as this one. No telling how many people have sent this to me.

But yes, the spirit of the image is Sarah Palin, 200%.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

kevin said...

And this spirit was ushered in by GSG! ;)

Americaneocon said...

It's an interesting pic.

Keep it up over here, Courtney!!

Findalis said...

And that gun isn't her style. She would go for something with a bit more power and class.

Jeff said...

Love the shot, I'm sure it's Palinesque. There is nothing like a woman (who looks good, of course) in a bikini with high powered rifle. Talk about power in all aspects.

Here's a good sample(Cut and Paste):

Anonymous said...


man, i should've KNOWN that you would have the good stuff on sarah!

fake pic or not, she RAWKS!

and so do you... :-)