Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rewriting Surge

Did Surge really work? Handing over the not so distantly claimed lost province of Anbar over to the new Iraqi Amry guys would seem to say "Heck Yeah!"

Hold up - not so fast. Like a tumour growing in the dark, naysaying gangstas of the defeat posse are unsweetly growing and have finally hit the jackpot of the sour mouthed lotto with the release of Bob Woodward's (pulitzer prized sternographer from the Watergate days like a 100 years ago) critical collection of makebelieve history " War Within "

While it is never cool to mock the afflicted, sometimes it's essential to quiz whether certain works are totally afflicted - like with Alzheimerized dementia.

This weak minded and demented driven catalog of historical slants and seemingly suspect rewrites tries desperately to prove that Surge really did suck, worthless and a shameful waste of American power (all those unnessecary Surgin' troops would have best served Great Satan and all her Iraqi freedom fans by hiding under their beds at home safe as milk - far, far away from scary, scary bad guys that could be said frikking deserved killing).

See, Surge worked inspite of those wicked neocons like Drs Frederick and Kimberly Kagan:

Responsible, wonderful, failed actors like Mookie Al Sadr who screamed for a cease fire as Great Satan magically xformed Sadr Caliphate City from a no go zone into a combat zone and then into a fun, free zone, stepped back from the Abyss.

Mahdi Army either split Dodge or selflessly gave up their lives in a glorious though incinerated attempt to xform all of Iraq into an 8th century theocracy where free choice and fun would be smothered under a wet blanket of cruelty, intolerance and the religious police.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard. These sweet foreign interlopers called off and cooled off their fed and funded Badr Corps attempt to sieze bad, bad Basra - even while Great Satan's mean puppet Al Maliki shamefully wasted his substance in a retarded attempt to de Hiz'B'Allah southern Iraq in a totally misguided attempt to uphold quaint ideas like that sovereign states are the monopolies on violence and the rule of law.

And don't forget AQII - al Qaeda cats totally did themselves in (in spite of Surge's very first Happy BDay shindig) by a curiously chaotic tactic that had nothing to do with Great Satan's surgin' killers of killers.

Such raison d retarde is actually more twisted than all those magical ciggy puffs glad bagged at a certain party grrl's stash down the street.

American GI's and Marines had nothing to do with Surge totally rocking, ya'll - it was everything except troops.

Sure. And Nazi Germany was a happy place where many precious babies were born too.

Since Obama been lauded finally fessed up Surge maybe didn't really suck to the Loofah guy on Faux News, dissing Surge may not be so tactically saavy.

Thankfully, Great Satan's preimer Marine fan Bing West (Oh! He got game!) has unleashed " The Strongest Tribe" which shows when Great Satan hits the hood - she don't play - she marginalizes retarded tribal concepts from intolerant time traveling creeps, she seeks out friends and kills enemies - often unfairly - like dropping 2 tons a minute on AQ jerks - without modesty, restraint but with the most proficent. high tech - humanitarian - military ever seen on the face of the earth.

Also Linda Robinson's new book "Tell Me How This Ends". While still crying that Iraq was a terrible faux pas (ala Brit babe Bronwyn) she hammers it out that Great Satan's Surgin' General was entirely correct and wiped clean and drew again broken, fearful bits of Iraq into a suitable debutante prepping to join up and hook up with the family of functional democrazies in the new millennium.

Ex Green Beret Micheal Yon's "Moment Of Truth" completes the triad with awesome accounts of how Surge was totally rocking and only soon to be dead (in real life or reputation wise) doofuses discount Great Satan - at their own risk.

* Great Satan's brigade commanders fed up with faked Al Qaeda 'documentaries' that video'd terrorists shooting at bombed out American vehicles as if they had won in open battle. These cats faked the "bombing" of a broke down vehic, then when the terrorists came to video their little show, SEAL snipers drilled every one with one shot apiece to the head.

* "Deuce Four" battalion created the "warrior cult" scaring the daylights out of 'scary' terrorists and revered by Iraqis.

*New Iraqi army guys? Elite Iraqi SWAT team stalking a terror cell for the murder of four American soldiers and a brave Iraqi guide.

*Think Americans are occupiers, not liberators, of Iraq? Tell that to the wounded Iraqi interpreter, who, convinced he was about to die, begged his U.S. commander to have his heart cut out and buried in America.

* Learn why so many Iraqi boys dream of becoming Americans - and American soldiers.

* Brutalized by B'Athism for eons, Iraqis hungered for strength - for real leadership entwined with justice and tempered by mercy.

The American soldier delivered. The American military - no surprise to Great Satan fans - kicked major league assets and secured gains won with precious blood shed - for the freedom of others - no less. The ultimate humanitarian raison d' etre.

Surge rocks! Surge succeeded. Surge is the true, untold story of the American soldier and the courage and values that are bringing victory for America, Iraq - and fans of fun and free choice anywhere. Anytime.

And no amount of historical rewrites will ever change that.


Jeff said...

Saying the surge didn't work is sorta like saying gravity is an illusion, it doesn't really work. Please for those non-believers, jump off the cliff and show us...

Findalis said...

The surge worked and Obama can't bring himself to admit he was wrong. That is one of his problems. He is never wrong.

Debbie said...

Woodward: The surge didn't do anything, it was the targeted assassinations that made the difference.

Nothing like ONE reporter/writer to put a new slant on things.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Grimmy said...

In a saner time, the acts and actions of Iran in sending and supporting Al Saytr the Muktard would have been taken as the casus belli that it was.