Saturday, July 25, 2009

3 Strange Days

Ancient technology is a hoot! Recently found a device known as a 'Cassingle' - this old school device could only be accessed by another ancient artifact called a cassette player.

And when the two finally hooked up - vola!

Amazingly up to date jams onboard by "School of Fish" with clever backwards sounding guitars - an unignorable snare drum and some of the most cool lyrics since Sir Paul did the walking talking bass line for "Nowhere Man"

"...For 3 Strange Daze -- I could not put a smile on my face

" So they dressed me up in all of their clothes and took me somewhere else..."


"...I pulled up a chair and started drinking by myself..."

The middle eight is especially appropo in the new millennium

"...I've got to make it through -- no matter what it takes..."

Original Video here